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Kris Bernal Removes Her Makeup While Reacting to Her Bashers

Kris Bernal has had her fair share of online bashers. But despite it all, she remains unfazed. "I know myself better na hindi naman talaga ako maarte," the actress shares. However, in this episode of Barefaced Beauty, Kris felt like she needed to set the record straight. "So mag-comment nga tayo sa mga pangba-bash niyo sa'kin doon sa ano ko, sa Preview video ko. Hindi ko kinaya. Hindi na ako sumagot sa inyo, actually. Pero tiis-tiis na lang," she said.

In her video, Kris reiterates that while she's a celebrity, she's still your average girl—one who can vibe with you, and maybe even share fashion tips with you. Kris also shares she's not "maarte" if the word is defined as "picky or too tedious to be around with" but she does admit to being maarte if in the context of being giddy about her designer bags that she worked hard for to buy.

Below, watch Kris Bernal take off her makeup and reveal her super simple skincare routine while reacting the meanest comments about her that she's read so far.

WATCH: Kris Bernal Removes Her Makeup in Barefaced Beauty:

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