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Here's Exactly What Korina Sanchez Did to Achieve Her New Look

She looks amazing!
Here's Exactly What Korina Sanchez Did to Achieve Her New Look
She looks amazing!

By now, you've probably seen Korina Sanchez-Roxas' new solo billboard for Belo Medical Group. In the ad, the news anchor is seen sporting a new tan and a noticeably slimmer figure. Her transformation took many by surprise, some even calling out the ad for Photoshopping Korina heavily. However, the Rated K host's Instagram proves otherwise.

Korina has actually been on a fitness journey for some time now, shedding 15 pounds in total according to one of her posts. She says that gravity quickly took a toll on her body because of the weight loss. But after seeking assistance from Dr. Vicki Belo, it didn't become a problem for long. Find out more about Korina's transformation below!

From her billboard, you'd know that the news anchor is the new muse of the Belo Thermage, a non-surgical, skin tightening treatment from the Belo clinic. According to her, she did the treatment four months before the campaign was shot, but shared that she had already been doing it once a year for three years, anyway.


Belo claims that the expected results from this treatment are visibly tighter skin, less prominent wrinkles and more defined facial contours. Other than minimal swelling, redness and bumps, the treatment is known to have no dangerous side-effects. The clinic says that clients will see measurable improvement with tightening usually within two to six months or sometimes earlier.

To further define her features, Belo representatives tell Preview that Korina had Embedded Protein Threads (EPT) to correct deep wrinkles. This is done by inserting special threads into the face to enhance the contours of the face like the jawline and cheeks. Other than lifting those areas, it corrects volume loss on the skin, and can be done on other parts of the body as well.

Here's a before and after from Korina herself at the Greenbelt clinic, in which she shows her left cheek with EPT and her right without.

After the EPT, she shows off her defined jawline and visibly lifted cheeks.


Belo confirms that all of Korina's treatments are outpatient procedures with minimal downtime. Bruising and mild swelling may occur, but only on very rare occasions!

You look amazing, Korina!

Treatment prices vary and are subject to doctor's assessment. For more information, visit Belo Medical Group's official website or contact them via 819-BELO or via Viber 09998857273.