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4 Breezy Ways to Style Short Hair, According to a Korean Hairstylist

4 Breezy Ways to Style Short Hair, According to a Korean Hairstylist
Want to spruce up your bob?

Getting a bob haircut when it's hot out is always a great choice if you want something that's both breezy and effortlessly chic. Once you grow tired of that old wash-and-wear look though, having a few tricks up your sleeve for sprucing up that fresh cut never hurts. Ahead, we list ideas recommended by Cha Hong, a celebrated Korean hairstylist, to guide you:

1. C-curl

To give yourself a bouncy bob without curling all your strands, do a half-ponytail and press the ends of that section onto a curling iron to achieve a flip. Untie the ponytail and reinforce the flip by pressing it with your fingers. After that, squeeze some styling cream onto your hands and comb it through your hair to blend the styled half with the untouched half.


2. Tousled bob

This style is basically a summer-ready "wet" look that requires zero drenching. To cop it, grab some soft hair wax and use it to pinch the mid-length and ends of your locks and give them a piecey look and add some volume.


3. Pinned half-ponytail

You're probably already familiar with this style because it's a must for when you want a breezier vibe. Gather the outer half of your hair and set it with a cute clamp from your collection. For a more relaxed finish, loosen the top half of your ponytail by pulling at your strands and release some face-framing tendrils in front. Lastly, mist your ends with a texturizing spray or a hair mist and pinch them to create a soft curl.

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4. Windblown locks

This surprisingly sturdy style will help you make summer look like spring. All you need to do is warm up some pomade in your hands, and then gently fingercomb your hair backwards. Run through your tresses with a fine toothed comb to remove any pomade clumps and polish up any areas that ended up too messy.


Watch the video below for full tutorials on each of these hairstyles!

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