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How to Achieve Feathery Brows Like a K-Drama Actress

According to a Korean makeup artist!
How to Achieve Feathery Brows Like a K-Drama Actress
According to a Korean makeup artist!

Copying that trendy, fluffy brow look you've been seeing everywhere doesn't have to feel like rocket science. There are a couple different ways for you to do it, with soap brows being the most popular example (read about it here). But perhaps that's what makes the look so fun to do—it gives you a chance to play around with your brow makeup without overdoing it. But if the popular techniques don't float your boat, you might want to try getting a fluffy brow the K-beauty way. Below, you'll find a step-by-step guide to achieving feathery K-drama arches from Korean makeup artist Hye-Min of Jenny House, who shared her tips to Allure Korea:

Step 1: Groom your brows with a spoolie brush.

Brushing your brows before putting on makeup will define their natural shape and make the following steps much easier to follow. According to Hye-Min, she prefers to brush the middle of the brows diagonally upwards and then horizontally on the tail for a natural effect.


Step 2: Brush through your hairs with a clear mascara.

One would usually fill in the brows with a pencil before brow gel, but Hye-Min does the opposite for a feathery look. She recommends using a clear mascara first, since this will prime your hairs to have that feathered shape before you fill in with a pencil. Brush the mascara through your brows in the same direction as you did with the spoolie to keep it consistent.

If you have sparse hairs, here's a tip from the MUA: Press the front of your brows with your fingertip and hold it for three seconds to help set the gel. The heat from your fingers will prevent your hairs from dropping back down!

Step 3: Fill them in without removing all the gaps.

The makeup artist stresses that you shouldn't fill your brows in all the way when going for a feathery look. "Instead of filling in all the gaps, it is really important to just lightly draw thin strokes in between the brow hairs and make the shape of an eyebrow," she explains. Hye-Min says to avoid filling in the center of your brows, too—"It just makes the brows look too dark and stuffed." Her go-to tool for this is an eyebrow pencil with a flat, sword-like edge, but you can also use any freshly-sharpened shape or a brow pen.

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Step 4: Set with a brow mascara.

For the final step, you'll need a brow mascara with strong hold to set the finished look. "It'll connect the texture and make your brow look fluffy," says the makeup artist.

Hye-Min suggests going for eyebrow gels with a viscous texture (you'll find this out by swatching the product at the back of your hand) that sets into a non-sticky finish. The brush is important, too—comb-like brushes are great for preventing clumps, while small, thin brushes will provide you with extra precision.

Watch the full video below for more fluffy brow tricks!

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