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10 Most Popular Korean Haircuts That K-Pop and K-Drama Celebs Love

Bookmark these celebrity-approved hairstyles for your next salon appointment!
10 Most Popular Korean Haircuts That K-Pop and K-Drama Celebs Love
IMAGE Instagram/hyeri_0609, Find Me in Your Memory/MBC
Bookmark these celebrity-approved hairstyles for your next salon appointment!

The secret to every Korean celebrity's picture-perfect hair isn't all that different to an average person's. It's all in the cut and color, and K-stars and their stylists know exactly which pairings will always work to their advantage. Because we've already discussed their go-to hair colors, let's break down an equally critical part of that effortless look: their haircut.

Below, we break down 10 of the most popular haircuts we've spotted on K-drama and K-pop stars, and why they could be perfect for you, too!

Most Popular Korean Haircuts for Women

1. Long layered cut

Long, layered cuts are the default for Korean actresses, and if you're an avid K-drama fan, you've probably already noticed this. It's one that isn't difficult to maintain, minimizing heaviness even when their locks grow out in the midst of busy schedules. Celebrities also have their layers cut fit their face shape exactly, which is the secret to their effortless-looking locks.

moon ga young hair layered korean haircut
Moon Ga Young
PHOTO BY Instagram/m_kayoung

2. Layered cut with bangs

To create more dimension to a layered cut, actresses and K-pop idols add various types of fringes to their long strands. Long side bangs or curtain bangs work wonders for framing round faces and giving the illusion of fuller locks when styled in waves. If you have a wide forehead or want a smaller-looking mug, a wispy fringe that's cut below the brows is always flattering!

itzy yuna layered haircut with bangs
Yuna of ITZY
PHOTO BY Instagram/
wheein mamamoo hair
Wheein of Mamamoo
PHOTO BY Instagram/whee_inthemood
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3. Waist-length cut with blunt bangs

Not into the layered look? Extra long locks are your best bet for a chic, forward vibe. Those with fine hair can easily rock this look without feeling the weight that much. But if you want more fullness up top, pairing it with a blunt fringe can do the job for you.

blackpink jisoo long hair with bangs
PHOTO BY Instagram/sooyaaa__

4. Layered cut with blunt bangs

For those of you with a small face, the typical long hair and long bangs combo could feel like a tad too much coverage. The way around this is to opt for high-contrast layers that'll shave off some weight and frame your face at once, and for your fringe, try cropped bangs cut right above your eyebrows—just like how Kim Da Mi did in Itaewon Class!

long layered hair with bangs itaewon class kim da mi
Kim Da Mi in Itaewon Class
PHOTO BY Itaewon Class/JTBC

5. Layered mid-length cut

Like us in the tropics, mid-length haircuts are favored by K-stars during the warmer months. It's perfect for thick hair, too, because it's just way lighter than sporting longer tresses. What's more, a layered chest-length style with a fringe is also how many actresses smoothly transition to their long locks after cutting their hair short for a role!

mid-length hair with bangs choi sooyoung
Choi Sooyoung
PHOTO BY Instagram/sooyoungchoi

6. Hershey cut

If Hollywood stars have the shag cut, K-celebs have the Hershey cut. The two aren't that different, actually, with both focusing on lots of layers for texture. If anything, the Hershey often includes a full fringe or some side bangs. It's actually like a beginner-friendly mullet and wolf cut in Korea, which you'll see on everyone from Itaewon Class' Lee Joo Young, K-pop stars Taeyeon of Girls' Generation and Wendy of Red Velvet, as well as Korean model Sora Choi.

hershey hair cut taeyeon
Taeyeon of Girls' Generation
PHOTO BY Instagram/taeyeon_ss
lee joo young hair
Lee Joo Young
PHOTO BY Instagram/i_icaruswalks

7. Blunt lob

Blunt lobs are the best for a dramatic change that's simple yet chic. It's the perfect option if you love wearing your hair down without complicated styling (or any styling at all) but still want a polished vibe. To give it some extra oomph, wear it with a a clean center or side part or add a flattering fringe type for your face shape.

blunt lob with bangs hyeri short hair
PHOTO BY Instagram/hyeri_0609
seo ye ji short hair
Seo Ye Ji
PHOTO BY Its Okay Not to Be Okay/Netflix

8. Blunt bob

If you want to go shorter than a lob, you can't go wrong with a blunt bob. Choosing between a chin-length or a jaw cut depends on your features: For example, chin-length bobs suit square-shaped faces because it can accentuate a strong jawline and give the look of a longer chin. Meanwhile, those with round or heart-shaped faces would suit bobs that are cut slightly below the jaw to make the area appear more defined and angular.

kim so yeon hair korean blunt bob
Kim So Yeon in Mother of Mine
PHOTO BY Instagram/sysysy1102

9. Layered jaw-length bob

A textured bob cut is the signature of actresses like Kim Seo Hyung, who's known for her tough persona on-screen. It's the closest that many K-celebs come to a pixie cut, presumably because a layered bob is more versatile in terms of styling.

kim seo hyung layered haircut jaw-length bob
Kim Seo Hyung
PHOTO BY Instagram/kim_seohyung

10. Round chin-length bob

When specific roles require short hair, Korean actresses often go for round bobs. Song Hye Kyo in Encounter and Shin Min Ah in Chief of Staff are but a few examples. We're attributing this to the style's softer finish compared to a straight cut that tends to make the face look too angular.

shin min ah short hair
Shin Min Ah in Chief of Staff
PHOTO BY Chief of Staff/JTBC
song hye kyo short hair
Song Hye Kyo in Encounter
PHOTO BY Encounter/tvN
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