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6 Korean Hair Products to Try, Depending on Your Concern

6 Korean Hair Products to Try, Depending on Your Concern
IMAGE Aromatica, Innisfree, Nature Republic
We need to give our hair some TLC, too!

In case you didn’t know, the South Korean method of skincare and beauty concepts emphasize the importance of overall health. This explains why many of their products feature natural or organic ingredients like, aloe vera, snail mucin, and more.

With these in mind, Koreans don’t just excel in making cult favorite skincare, but they are also up to date when it comes to haircare! Below, we round up six must-try hair products that will address your hair concern:

1. For itchy, unhealthy scalp: Aromatica Rosemary Scalp Scrub

If you want healthy hair, then you have to have a healthy scalp! To ensure this, you'll need scalp scalers (or scrubs) that rid your scalp of excess oil and keep hair follicles healthy. Scalp scrubs remove build up of dead skin cells that cause dandruff and dry scalp—they work just like exfoliators for your skin.


PHOTO BY aromatica


AROMATICA Rosemary Scalp Scrub, P799.69, iHerb 


2. For hair prone to breakage: Innisfree My Hair Recipe Strength Shampoo

Innisfree is basically a household name for K-beauty fans, but not everyone knows that they actually have a lot of hair care products. If you’re looking to strengthen your tresses, your best bet would be their My Hair Recipe Strength Shampoo. Its natural, palm-derived, and silicone-free ingredients improve microcirculation (a.k.a. the circulation of blood through small vessels) which helps strengthen and vitalize your roots.


PHOTO BY innisfree


INNISFREE My Hair Recipe Strength Shampoo 30ml, P95, BeautyMNL

3. For dry hair and split ends: Nature Republic Argan Essential Deep Care Conditioner

Do you need help managing dry hair and split ends? Nature Republic’s Argan Essential Deep Care Conditioner can definitely help you with these concerns. This conditioner is packed with rich argan oil, rosehip oil, and primrose oil that moisturize damaged, dry hair that will give you that soft-to-touch hair you’ve always wanted!

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PHOTO BY nature republic


NATURE REPUBLIC, Argan Essential Deep Care Conditioner, P495, BeautyMNL

4. For frizzy hair: Kerasys Oriental Premium Conditioner

One of its primary ingredients is camellia seed which helps moisturize your hair and strengthen it. This ingredient also works to control and tame frizzy here which makes this conditioner a perfect choice for those who live in countries who have tropical climates.


PHOTO BY kerasys


KERASYS Oriental Premium Conditioner, P179, BeautyMNL

5. For dry, heat-damaged hair: Skinfood Moisture Egg Hair Pack

It’s not just our face that deserves a spa-like treatment at home! With the constant heat styling, our hair needs some love to recover, but who knew we'll get what we need from a pantry staple? As it turns out, egss have loads of protein and vitamins that will nourish and help strengthen your hair!


PHOTO BY skinfood


SKINFOOD Moisture Egg Hair Pack, P550, BeautyMNL

6. For dandruff management: A’pieu Raspberry Hair Vinegar

Is your scalp constantly itchy? Do you have dandruff problems? Chances are you have pH leveling problems on your scalp. Believe it or not, vinegar is the answer to these hair woes! Vinegar is known to help with pH levels and that includes your hair! If you’re wary of the unpleasant smell of vinegar, A’pieu’s Raspberry Hair Vinegar will help you ease into it. It has a delicious berry scent that will leave your hair smelling great after every wash.


PHOTO BY apieu


A’PIEU, Raspberry Hair Vinegar, P450, Althea

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