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Here's How This Korean Dermatologist Takes Care of Her Skin

Her routine is pretty simple!
Here's How This Korean Dermatologist Takes Care of Her Skin
Her routine is pretty simple!

Korean skincare routines have a reputation for being glow-boosting but excessive. Some regimens call for as many as 10 steps. This factor makes it hard to follow for most of us. It's tedious and can be heavy on the pocket, too.

This is why we were surprised to discover South Korea-based dermatologist Ung Joohee Dahyun's nighttime regimen. According to her YouTube video, she has acne-prone skin and rosacea. We expected her to use a lot of serums and creams, and we were impressed that her routine is simple but loaded with hardworking products. Here are our takeaways from her p.m. skincare ritual:


1. She double-cleanses her face.

She removes her eye makeup gently to avoid getting wrinkles. She dissolves the rest of her makeup with a cleansing oil.

2. She washes with a gentle cleanser.

We have the belief that a highly medicated cleanser is needed to clear our skin of breakouts. But after watching her video, we are convinced that we must be gentle with blemish-prone complexions. She lathered with a mild, acidic cleanser to balance the skin's pH level. This step strengthens the skin barrier.

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3. She rinses her hairline well in the shower.

This step is crucial. Some hair products can be too emollient that they clog the pores, which results in forehead zits. The best way to prevent this is by rinsing the hairline well after you apply conditioner or a hair mask—basically anything that restores damaged strands.

4. She applies the essentials: Vitamin C and retinol.

We love her simple routine. It's not as extravagant as the ones we usually see. She uses a vitamin C serum to brighten her complexion and applies retinol cream (vitamin A) to keep her skin youthful. These two, my friends, are the keys to glowing, youthful skin!

5. She dabs spot treatment using a cotton bud.

Yes, even dermas aren't spared from breakouts. To heal her zits, she applies a spot treatment on the pimple using a cotton bud. This technique targets the area that needs extra medication—the skin surrounding the blemish won't dry out.


6. She finishes with rosehip oil.

Rosehip oil is full of beauty benefits. It helps heal pimples, even out skin pigmentation (including acne marks), and protects the skin barrier. After watching her vlog, I am convinced that I NEED one in my p.m. routine!

    Watch the rest of her nighttime ritual here:

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