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10 Korean Celebrity-Approved Hairstyles You Should Try in 2019

Channel your inner K-pop star with a stylish new 'do!

by Nicole M. Arcano | Dec 4, 2018

Hallyu stars are always camera-ready, and they have these chic hairstyles to thank. Check out the ones you should try below!

One thing we've learned from habitually stalking K-pop stars on Instagram is that their feeds merit more than just skin and outfit inspo. They have just as much to offer, especially when it comes to hair! After all, they always manage to turn up in a new look whenever they're performing onstage, attending events, or appearing on television; they come up with so many new hairstyle trends and techniques—not that we're complaning, of course. K-beauty hair trends have the ability to mishmash the effortless flair of French girl hair with the experimental, resulting in simple yet chic styles that deserve a selfie! So whenever we're running low on ideas on how to fix our hair, we saunter over to our favorite Korean celebs' feeds to check out the fresh ways they weave their strands.

Latest Korean Hairstyles to Try Now

On that note, here are some timeless and on-trend looks worn by K-pop stars that we've saved for future reference. Whether you have long or short hair, there's one for you to cop! And we swear—once you see them, you might want to bookmark this page as well:


1. High ponytail

K-pop stars Sunmi and Lisa of Blackpink might be pulling major inspo from Ariana Grande here, but their version is definitely less top-heavy. Instead of adding volume to their high ponytails with tons of extensions, they accessorize it with cuff-like and textured hair accessories that give the illusion of a thicker, bigger section. And like them, we'll take eye-catching bling over a heavy head of hair any day.

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2. Wispy bangs

When it comes to fringe upkeep, the K-beauty logic is this: The more separated the strands are, the better. The proper term for this is "wispy," something you normally wouldn't want your bangs to look like, but when done right, it gives you a look that's undeniably youthful and fresh. Plus, bangs cut this way frame your face more subtly and don't cover your forehead so much that you start feeling stuffy—a good thing for those who have to deal with perpetually humid weather. You might want to have some dry shampoo onhand, although you can always rock your hair wet for that grunge vibe.



3. Bobby pins

Bobby pins are having a moment in Korea, too, as seen on Twice member Sana. Stitch your pins in irregular patterns for a graphic look like hers, which comes in stark contrast with her polished, undone waves. Don't forget to part your hair to the side to show off your work! That said, if you're a middle part kind of girl, slide those pins over each ear to ride the bobby pin wave your own way.


3. Messy low bun

What happens when you don't let go of your ponytail will surprise you. For one, you can achieve this unkempt yet totally chic low bun like Red Velvet's Joy. Having no hair blocking the back of your neck should be enough of an incentive! However, if it feels a little too frumpy, polish it up by accessorizing with a headband and keeping your baby hairs away from your face.


4. Textured curls

Flat irons aren't just for straightening your hair, they're also great for curling and adding a chic bend to your locks. To cop this look on Sandara Park, just twist your iron once every few inches, and when you're done, you'll have messy, textured hair that would make you want to take countless of selfies.


5. Microbraids

Tiny braids look cute on kids, yes, but best believe that all of us over the age of 15 can rock them as well. The secret? Don't create too many loops—make two to three microbraids, max. More importantly, braid only one side of your head so you don't look like you tried too hard to pull it off. We're going for an effortless vibe here! While you're at it, coat the length of your strands with sea salt spray and scrunch for that beach babe vibe. Let Twice's Tzuyu show you how it's done below:


6. Pinched roots

The antidote to flat, middle-parted hair has been with us all along, and we'd like to thank Jessica Jung and Tayeon Kim for letting us in on their super chic hack. On top of making sure to pair a center part with textured, undone waves, they curl their hair right from the very top of the head—blaringly close to the scalp. Doing this adds a slight bend to the sections close to your forehead, framing the area better than flat and unstyled roots.


7. Ribboned top knot

This version of a top knot may not be the reason why top knots grew popular. But can you see how neat and youthful that is? It almost looks as if the person wearing it has all her life figured out. Ribbons, not to mention, add an instantly dainty and feminine effect—and Red Velvet's Yeri seems to agree. But if a bow is little too sweet for your taste, you can try wrapping a bandana around your bun instead.


8. Faux bob

Layered hair comes with a lot of perks—the ability to fake a bob, included. The way it works is simpler than it looks: Gather your long hair in a low bun, pull the shorter strands out, curl them, and you're done! Secure your faux bob with bobby pins underneath, and you'll easily convince everyone that you got yourself a new 'do.


9. Unkempt bob

Speaking of bobs, sleek, overly-gelled strands are slowly becoming a thing of the past—at least for everyday wear. Embracing the flip your hair does when it's at that awkward length is the new norm, and when you think about it, a little uneveness here and there isn't all that bad.


10. Hats

Hats deserve a shoutout for turning any bad hair day around. Plop a beret or a newsboy cap on top of your head and get rid of oily roots, white hair, or frizzy strands in a jiffy. The options don't end there: Bucket hats and beanies are K-star-approved for your stylish casual days, too!



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