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Tippy Dos Santos and Xian Lim share their love for fresh fragrances.
Keep It Cool Tippy Dos Santos and Xian Lim share their love for fresh fragrances.

Ready for more eye candy? Stylebible chatted up with the beautiful Tippy Dos Santos and all-around heartthrob Xian Lim during the launch of Adore and Aqua Fresco Fragrances. Read on to see the scents they fancy and even what they plan for the holidays:


Beautiful, down-to-earth, stage performer and top student, Tippy Dos Santos is slowly becoming a rising star. Only 18 years old, Tippy has been juggling numerous hats: she has her showbiz career, her studies (she's a freshman at UP Diliman!), and is now the face of Adore Fragrances

Adore Fragrances


What made you agree to be the face of Adore?

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It started when I joined the competition WCOPA (World Championship of Performing Arts) in 2008. They sponsored me. It’s a big amount of money when you join WCOPA. My dad was like, “If you want to join, then it’s your passion." Mr. George (owner of Adore) helped me out. A year after, they were looking for someone to represent the fragrancesit was called HYPE then—and they called me up. I was entering showbiz then and I had IDOL (a defunct TV show in ABS-CBN with Sarah Geronimo). Ever since then they've been signing me.

What's you favorite fragrance among the line?

It used to be Chic, but now they have a bestseller called Charm. It smells so fresh and it has this floral scent. It’s not too strong.

What scent do you like in a man?


I want something that's also fresh and subtle. Nothing too strong; I'm really not a fan of strong scents.

How do you balance work and studies?

I have LUVU, a weekly teen show on SaturdaysI play the school reporter there and I’m a freshman in UP Diliman. I have to say no sometimes! A student can only have six cuts per class. I’m a student first before anything else.

What are your plans this Christmas?

We’re flying with my family to the U.S. this coming Christmas. I’ll be back just in time for school.

What’s the best Christmas gift have you've ever received?

I think this [U.S. trip] would be it because I’ve never experienced U.S. in winter. I’m looking forward to making snow angels!



A total charmer, Xian Lim has been paired with one of the country's leading young stars. His musicality, acting skills, and stunning good looks have helped him reach It guy status. 


Aqua Fresco

What made you decide to front Aqua Fresco Fragrances?

I wanted to share my scent because people are always wondering about it. I get a lot of tweets and get asked a lot, 'What’s your regular scent?' I didn’t have any cologne or fragrance, so when they came, I chose the best one that suited me. 


So what is it?

It's called Radical. It smells clean, like... a getting-out-of-the-shower smell. It's fresh.

Did you have a hand in choosing your fragrance?

No I didn’t, I didn’t. It was presented to me and they asked me what my favorite was.

How many scents are there?

I’m not sure how many, but… (laughs) They have a lot of body sprays and splash colognes. 

What scent do you like on a woman?

I like the same with my scentI don’t want it too strong, maybe a little sweet. But more of that getting-out-of-the-shower smell!

Even if it’s like, say, a formal event?

Yeah, sometimes it’s good when it's subtle… like she's not trying too hard. You can just smell it when she passes by...

Do you have a specific scent that you prefer? Like something woody or fruity?

Yeah I like fruity floral scents. Something like that. Does that make sense? (laughs)


Haha yes, it does! We’re doing our gift guides for Christmas. What do you think is the best gift to give to a girl?

The safest is fragrance. If you really don’t know what to get, fragrance is always a good choice.

What do you want to receive?

I prefer being my family and the people I work with. Stuff I can just buy, but having my time with them is priceless.

You keep in touch with your fans a lot on Twitter. What’s the most memorable question you’ve ever been asked?

They ask me where I live. That’s the only thing with Twitter, they can say whatever they want! Haha!


Adore and Aqua Fresco Fragrances are available in department stores.

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