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Updated: Kathryn Bernardo Talks About Her #bestbeautiful Story

Find out the Teen Queen's secret to looking her best.
Updated: Kathryn Bernardo Talks About Her #bestbeautiful Story Find out the Teen Queen's secret to looking her best.

UPDATED November 12, 2015, 5:24pm

There is no question that Kathryn Bernardo is indeed one of the most bankable stars of her generation. But before she became what everyone now refer to as the Teen Queen, this young lady had to go through a lot of rejections on the road to stardom. Living in a world where the word “beauty” can become very subjective, the teen star shares her own story on the third season of Olay Conversations. In a casual interview with last night’s host Sam Oh, Kathryn talks about how she manages to stay on top of her game and what makes her feel at her #BestBeautiful.


What is #BestBeautiful to you?

#BestBeautiful is when you’re not settling for anything. You're not supposed to be satisfied with just ‘okay na ko sa ganito (I can settle for this.).’ You want to take it to the next level, because you know that you can be more beautiful. So for me, that’s #BestBeautiful.

You’re at the top of your game right now. How do you know that this is your calling?

I started young at the age of seven. I experienced all sorts of auditions, and we know naman na when you audition for something, you don't always get it. There were rejections and criticisms. So for me, instead of thinking of it as my weakness, I turned it into my strength. Na-challenge ako to prove myself so that I can excel in the path that I want. I think it works for me to challenge myself.

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You’ve mentioned about not settling. How do you constantly push yourself?

There will always be new artists. Ang daming mas maganda sa ‘yo, ang daming mas magaling sa ‘yo (There are others who are more beautiful than you, better than you). You should be aware that it's not just you in this industry. You need to constantly prove yourself. Every project that you do, aside from the talent, kailangan din mabait ka sa mga kasama mo (you also need to get along with the people you work with). I remind myself that I need to prove na worth it ako na tawagin nilang Teen Queen, na worth it ako maging idol ng mga anak nila.

Speaking of which, how do you continuously improve in your craft?

I take dancing lessons, voice lessons… I try to be versatile. Kahit ipasok ka nila sa lahat, you can do it. So for me, I try different things especially since I’m still very young. I don't want to be tagged just as Kathryn Bernardo the actress. I want to be someone who’s also a performer, an endorser, a model, and yeah, anything.


You already shot your Olay Conversations video with Boy Abunda. How was the experience? Can you share it with us?

Unforgettable. In the previous seasons, I used to watch others share their stories. And now, I'm happy that Olay gave me a chance to also share mine, especially to the teens like myself. I hope they get to watch it and see a part of themselves in me. Hopefully I can inspire them, too.


What is next for Kathryn Bernardo?

So now, I’m gonna do a movie with DJ (Daniel Padilla) and I think it will be aired February next year. We’ll start shooting this month. After the movie, I’ll do a teleserye with DJ again and that’s for Pangako Sa ‘Yo. So ‘yun lahat for next year.

What advice can you give your teen fans and other girls who look up to you?

I’ll just make it simple. Maybe to not be afraid to improve yourself? Don’t be afraid to be beautiful because I believe na to be beautiful is a choice. We’re all beautiful in our own way. You just need to improve yourself everyday, and don’t settle because you deserve the best.

When do you feel best beautiful?

I am best beautiful whenever I get to share my talents with everyone. Pag nakikita ko na ‘yung ginagawa ko naa-appreciate ng mga tao (When they appreciate what I do), I feel very happy.


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