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Kathryn Bernardo's All Time Favorite Lipstick—and It's Only 135 Bucks!

The Teen Queen is #SimplyPretty.
Kathryn Bernardo's All Time Favorite Lipstick—and It's Only 135 Bucks! The Teen Queen is #SimplyPretty.

Being a teenager can prove to be more challenging than it actually should be. For one, the context of beauty is often confused with being a size zero and looking like a walking advertisement of an anti-acne product. (Trust us, we’ve been through that phase of puberty to know this much.) But if there’s one person in this world who can really shed light on a young adult’s concerns in the beauty department, there’s no other authority than the Teen Queen herself. Fortunately, we were able to corner Kathryn Bernardo during her launch as Avon’s newest brand ambassador for the Simply Pretty teen makeup line—and this time, we got her to spill the beans. Want to know this teen superstar’s beauty secrets? Read on and join us for a chat.

How did you feel when you found out that you were going to be Avon’s newest brand ambassador?


I got very excited because Avon is something that I grew up with. I’ve been seeing its brochures since I was a little girl, and even my mom and my titas have been using Avon products, too. I’m happy to become part of the Avon family, and I’m not just saying these things because I’m now their endorser. I’m saying it because these are really products that I myself use as well.

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Speaking of which, we heard that you use Avon magic lipstick during tapings to achieve the natural look. Can you share more about it?

Yes, I use it when I’m taping for my shows. Not just the lipstick, actually, even the powder and the lip balm. I’m still young so I don’t really like putting on heavy makeup everyday. I think Avon is perfect for teenagers like me because it provides lighter coverage. And it registers well on TV, too, so that’s what I’ve been using.


What’s your definition of #SimplyPretty?

From the root word “simple,” it means you don’t have to put too much effort to look pretty. Everyone’s already pretty in their own way. Makeup should only go as far as enhancing your features.

Considering your hectic work schedule, are you still able to take care of your skin?


Yes, definitely. I think skin care is really important for us girls. It’s also difficult to apply makeup when you have dull and tired skin, so I’m very vain when it comes to things like that. That’s also why I like Avon products, because their makeup is perfect for teens like me with sensitive skin.

Can you share with us what your beauty regimen’s like?

Usually, when I get home from taping, I just wash my face then apply toner. I get a facial done once a month, and I also drink lots of water. And, I try to keep my makeup light to allow my skin to breathe.

Why is it more important for you to look naturally pretty than just to pile on tons of makeup?

I think people would appreciate it more if you look natural. Even guys don’t like girls wearing too much makeup on their face. It’s okay if it’s just to enhance your features, but it shouldn’t alter how you look entirely. Makeup is just there to help but don’t overuse it to the point where others can’t even recognize you anymore.


Did you have a say in the production of the Simply Pretty line?

When they presented to me the products, I liked everything instantly. They’re actually open for collaborations, like, if there are specific shades of lipstick that I want. We might do that for the next campaign, but right now there’s really nothing I’d want to change. I also trust that they know what’s best for teens like me.


So which one’s your favorite from the collection?

Chameleon Cherry! I’ve been using this magic lipstick ever since. (Laughs)