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This Local Salon Gave This K-Drama Actor a Blonde Makeover

We want his hair color, too!
This Local Salon Gave This K-Drama Actor a Blonde Makeover We want his hair color, too!

Going blonde is a serious business. You have to decide on a shade that works well for your skin tone, have the patience to maintain the upkeep of your roots, and most of all, be able to sit through the entire process. But it seems we don't need anymore convincing to get a lighter hair color after seeing Korean actor Ji Soo (popularly known for his role in Strong Woman Do Bong Soon and Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo) go blonde!


We caught up with Katchie Mejias, the owner of Katch Beauty Lounge, and she told us how they made Ji Soo's blonde dreams come true. She tells Preview, "He had a specific peg. And we showed him the swatch we recommended closest [to that shade] and [explained] to him the process. He wanted this color just for the vacation he had here."

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Ji Soo went for an ash blonde shade that Katchie explains is a "mixture of grayish and warm ash." She also noted that this shade "fades the fastest, in approximately a month or less." Furthermore, we know going blonde means bleaching the hair, which Katchie warned Ji Soo (who currently has short hair) saying, "He would feel the heat from the bleach more intensely since it's closer to scalp. But he was game and said it was tolerable."

Lastly, Katchie reminded the Korean actor that in order to maintain (or at least prolong the color), he would need to switch to "sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner, or what we call purple shampoo." She explained that this shampoo has "pigments of violet to cancel out yellowish tones. If you wish to maintain bleached hair, you must take care of it more by using treatments such as iPlex or a once to twice a year keratin treatment."

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