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Here's How Karlie Kloss Curls Her Lashes Using a Teaspoon

And it's super effective!
Here's How Karlie Kloss Curls Her Lashes Using a Teaspoon
And it's super effective!

To this day, we constantly hear girls admit that they're afraid of using eyelash curlers—and we totally understand. Mishaps can always happen with this little metal contraption, whether you accidentally pluck your lashes out or pinch your eyelids. These can occur no matter your skill level, too, so we can't blame them for looking for alternatives.

Take Karlie Kloss, for example. She tells Vogue that multiple accidents with curlers have made her subtitute it with—wait for it—a teaspoon. The model says it's a tip she learned from legendary makeup artist Pat McGrath while backstage at a fashion show, which means it must be effective. "You can really get right on to the lid and pinch the [eyelashes]," Karlie says in the tutorial. It definitely makes sense, so even as eyelash curlers fans, we might just give it a shot.

Watch the tip in action below!

Want to overcome your curler fear? Click here for pro tips!

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