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Kaila Estrada Does Her Makeup Without A Mirror

We put her beauty skills to the test.
Kaila Estrada Does Her Makeup Without A Mirror

Ask any beauty girl the most important thing she needs to do her makeup, and she’ll likely say "a mirror and good lighting." After all, you need to see what you’re doing to your face to get the right results. But what if there isn’t one? Can you make do with just your reflection on a tin can or a shiny mug?

With beauty challenge videos on the rise, you've probably seen every kind there is—from vloggers wearing a hundred layers of foundation to doing their makeup in reverse. Here's one you haven't seen yet: We asked model Kaila Estrada to do her makeup without a mirror, using just different reflective surfaces. For someone who's used to getting her makeup done by professionals and is also pretty adept at doing a stunning beauty look herself, see how she rose to the challenge in the video below:

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