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This Beauty Product Could Be the Easy Solution to Achieving Double Eyelids

No surgery needed.
This Beauty Product Could Be the Easy Solution to Achieving Double Eyelids
IMAGE K-Palette
No surgery needed.

If you want to make your eyes look more apparent—bigger, if you will—without surgery, you do have a few options. The most convenient of course involves makeup, specifically eyeshadow and eyeliner, which can help you cheat a higher crease and more awake-looking peepers depending on your application.

There's also eyelid tape, which, as the name implies, is tape that you stick onto your lids to create a higher creasefold. The latter is quite common in countries like Korea, Japan, and China, mainly because of how quickly it does the job.


But in case you aren't sold on eye makeup or eyelid tape, you might want to check out a third option: double eyelid glue. Beauty brand K-Palette just brought this technology to the Philippines, and the before and after photos will surprise you.

The product is called Futae Labo, which translates to "double eyelid lab" in Japanese. It comes in a glue formula and promises to help you achieve a higher crease. All you have to do is brush the product onto your lids, close your eyes for 30 seconds, and once the glue is slightly dry, flatten it with your fingers before opening your eyes to stick the glued skin together. Your eyes will instantly look more lifted!

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The difference between this and an eyelid tape is that Futae Labo claims to achieve a "real-skin" or natural finish while resisting fading from sweat and water. It most likely won't have the slight discomfort from wearing tape on your eyes, either. Plus, it's formulated with hyaluronic acid, collagen, and two types of ceramides, so it's definitely not your average glue. Watch the video below to see how it works!


Want one for yourself? Shop the product below!

K-PALETTE 1Day Tattoo Futae Labo Real Double Eyelid Glue, P945, Beauty Box Corp.

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