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This Japanese Salon Bleached My Hair Without Damage

No bleached hair horror stories here!
This Japanese Salon Bleached My Hair Without Damage No bleached hair horror stories here!

What: Junca Salon’s hair color and hydrogen treatment package, P2450 for short hair; P3050 for medium length

Junca, a Japanese salon headed by Hisayuki Nagatome, promises top-notch Japanese quality of beauty by means of purification and revitalization of one's hair. This is demonstrated through their color and treatment package which I tested out myself.

Current condition: My hair is a mess. Let's start with that. I've grown out my roots so my hair has this weird, unintentional two-tone color that ends in damaged tips due to my daily use of a hair iron and curler. I don't have much time to actually do anything about it so I looked for a service that can address both my hair color and texture woes.


IMAGE Steph Sison

Procedure: When I sat in the salon chair, I knew I wanted to try to bleach my hair to achieve a lighter color. But I worried it would end up drying my hair even more. I had great hope knowing that Japanese hair technology could save my tresses and improve both its texture and color. 

First, I chose two colors for my ombre hair. For the roots, I opted for a shade that's close to my natural hair color so that when it grew, the color change wouldn't look too drastic. Next, I chose a shade of brown with warm, amber tones. My colorist, Aileen Marciano, noted that I had previously colored hair so the bleach could only stay on my hair for 20-35 minutes. (She also added that it would take about an hour for virgin black hair and locks that have been darkened, while it would take less time for hair that had been bleached previously.)

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After bleaching, Aileen applied the hair color and right after—to my surprise—started on the hair treatment. The Hydrogen treatment comes in mist form after a hydrogen pill was infused in distilled water. Here's a sample of the procedure:

The Hydro treatment essentially opens up the hair cuticles and infuses the hair with hyrdogen mist to keep it moisturized despite bleaching and other hair-damaging habits one may have. After the mist, my hair was treated to a five-minute hair mask just to keep the mositure in before it was rinsed and dried.


IMAGE Steph Sison

My hair looked better after I washed and styled it on my own. This was taken two days after my salon visit.

Conclusion: My hair was smoother than ever after bleaching! When I left the salon, I was a bit scared for the upkeep bleached hair entails. But Aileen assured me that washing my hair with sulfate-free or baby shampoo would do just the trick. Days after the treatment, I noticed that my locks were indeed softer despite having my ends bleached. The hydro treatment really helped in preserving the moisture in my hair, which improved the overall texture of it. The effects of the hydro treatment lasts for about a month—depending on your lifestyle and maintenance—before you'll need to book another appointment. 


For me, I'm quite sure that I'll be coming back for another hydro treatment just because I know that my hair needs more help and maintenance since I can't stop using heat styling tools. Plus, Junca's services were done efficiently in a short amount of time. I've no patience sitting for too long without doing anything, so less than two hours in the salon chair for bleached and treated hair isn't too bad!

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