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This Professional Model's Letter to Herself Will Empower You to Love Yourself

This Professional Model's Letter to Herself Will Empower You to Love Yourself
IMAGE Melson Bolongaita
"Everyone is unique."

If you think being a model is glamorous, think again. In order to book a campaign or a runway stint, they have to look a certain way. And sometimes, the judgment can be a bit harsh. That is why professional model Jodilly Pendre is over and done with those superficial comments that undermine her beauty. Scroll down and read how she empowers herself.


IMAGE Melson Bolongaita

"Everyone struggles with their body. 

I know you hate your stretch marks and sometimes your very Pinay skin color, but let me tell you this: You are beautiful.

You’re tired of people telling you that you should lose more weight, that you should get whiter, that you should have your stretch marks erased. And everyone has a never ending list of “suggestions” to be a better version of yourself. But let me remind you that those are according to their perception of beauty.

It’s frustrating to know that people in your industry still choose to get white-skinned models just because they are prettier and whiter than you. But wipe that frustration away. You are great at what you do.

Stop listening to those who tear you down to build themselves up. Instead, appreciate yourself and make the most out of it. Do not let society brainwash you into believing you are not good enough or someone else is more beautiful because they look more like the ideal in society. You are not destined to fit in any mold.

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Everyone is unique. Everyone is admirable. 

Surround yourself with people that have the same mission as you. Be around people who uplift and push you to overcome every dilemma.

Now, look in the mirror and realize how incredible you are. Nobody else in the world has the same exact body and features as you."

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