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Jet Set Club: How to Pack Your Beauty Essentials

Live heavy, travel light.
Jet Set Club: How to Pack Your Beauty Essentials Live heavy, travel light.

Booking a flight and planning out your travel outfits are the fun bits of packing for a trip. But as for downsizing and organizing your beauty products, well, that’s another thing. Nothing is worse than being asked to leave your favorite can of hair gloss or arriving at your destination and having a bottle of lotion explode all over your clothes. Here we round up a couple of expert tips you need to travel light. Happy packing!

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Tip #1: Segregate

Compartmentalize your products by separating toiletries, hair products and makeup in separate cases. Manila International Airport Authority has a handful of rules when it comes to carrying liquids, aerosols, and gasses (i.e. containers in your carry-on must be 100 mL/grams or less, otherwise, they must be placed in your check-in baggage), so it’s best you pre-organize your products.

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Tip #2: Layer and snuggle up

Place heavier bottles at the bottom of your toiletries bag and stash more delicate items closer to the top so that they don’t get crushed. Also, it's best to stash your items in between washable items in case of spillage. This will also double as shock absorbers when your bag gets moved around.



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Tip #3: Use cling wrap

Having products spilling inside your bag or exploding when you open them is a headache. For products with twist-off covers, place a small piece of plastic over the top to avoid spillage. 

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Tip #4: Downsize your kit

More often than not, your hotel will provide you with basic toiletries or you can easily pick them up at a local department store. If you really want to save space, bring only the items you know you won’t be able to find at a nearby drugstore. 

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