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Jasmine Curtis-smith Shares Her Skincare Secrets

And the secret to her glow!
Jasmine Curtis-smith Shares Her Skincare Secrets And the secret to her glow!

Despite having a glam squad 24/7, this girl is serious about her skincare, and it’s no wonder why Pond’s picked her as the endorser for their newest product, the Pond’s White Beauty SPF 15 Cream (P140, drug stores). While we’re sure her luminescence could be attributed to Pond’s signature rosy glow, we needed to know more! After staring at her poreless complexion for a good five minutes, we managed to squeeze a couple of beauty secrets out of her.  

Skincare is everything. Makeup makes you look good, but there’s no better road to porcelain skin than by sticking to a regimen. Jasmine shares, “I’m more aware of the fact that I need to take care of my skin. So when I’m at home getting ready for an event, I take more time prepping my face than putting makeup on.”

Moisturize! “Despite a busy schedule, I always clean my face before anything and make sure I moisturize as well.” 


Keep makeup at a minimum. Keep in mind that makeup is a tool to enhance your natural beauty. “I want people to recognize me without makeup on! Most of the time I don’t wear makeup when I go out, but if I was to do my own makeup, I’d just do eyeliner, mascara, and a really good lipstick. I’m pretty easy going with makeup! ”

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