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Here’s How Jane de Leon Gets Her Skin Camera-Ready

She definitely knows how to pamper herself.
Here’s How Jane de Leon Gets Her Skin Camera-Ready

Rising star Jane de Leon is poised to take her spot in pop culture stardom as the new Darna. Since the announcement, the 20-year-old has been busy tending to her showbiz commitments—from going to press cons and making guest appearances on TV to glamming up for red carpet parties. It’s tiring work, but Jane appears perpetually fresh and radiant each time. How does she do it? Her being Belo's newest face is all the explanation you need. Below, we run down the details of Jane's go-to skincare treatments at the clinic, so you can try them, too:

1. Hydrafacial

Despite a hectic schedule that includes hardcore training, acting workshops, and endless shoots, Jane keeps her youthful glow by booking this luxurious facial. Suited for all skin types, the multi-step facial helps hydrate and cleanse the skin. It uses a wand-like tool to inject a nutrient-packed active serum into the skin while simultaneously extracting dead cells and acne-causing toxins.

2. Glycopeel Cleaning

Jane makes sure that the skin on the rest of her body looks smooth and moisturized, too. She revealed that she tried Glycopeel Cleaning to help refine the skin on her knees and elbows. This procedure makes use of different concentrations of fruit acid to exfoliate tough, dull, and dead skin cells, revealing brighter, smoother, and more even-toned skin.

3. Laser Hair Removal

Recently, Jane underwent laser hair removal on her legs. This targeted treatment helps zap the hair follicle with a cooling sensation so it's less painful. Laser hair removal also stunts hair growth over time. Plus, you don’t end up with pesky bumps compared to when you shave or wax.

4. Salt Facial

The Salt Facial is a new Belo-exclusive treatment, and Jane was one of the first to try it. It's a skin-rejuvenating process that involves micro-exfoliation using natural sea salt, which helps the skin to better absorb the nutrients and antioxidants delivered via ultrasound. The facial finishes off with high-intensity LED light therapy that helps reduce pigmentation, treat acne, and promote collagen production.

Jane still has to try Skin Genius, Belo's newest treatment, offered as part of their New Phase, New Face campaign. It combines high-intensity focused RF energy with microneedling to help stimulate collagen production and improve skin’s texture. We’re betting Jane won’t be disappointed when she finally books her next appointment.

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