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Iza Calzado Swears By This Old-School Product for Flawless Underarms

You've definitely heard of it.
Iza Calzado Swears By This Old-School Product for Flawless Underarms
IMAGE INSTAGRAM/missizacalzado
You've definitely heard of it.

We're constantly looking for the next best product that can help us score smoother and more even-toned underarms, so we're always curious about what celebrities swear by.

In the case of Iza Calzado, her secret to flawless pits is very simple. The actress was actually in disbelief when she found out that having a skincare routine for your underarms was actually a thing, because hers is super low maintenance! She shared to Cosmopolitan that she just uses tawas (or potassium alum, if you want to be fancy)—no complicated deodorants or creams.


She stressed, however, that her underarms weren't always that smooth and flawless. Iza was obese growing up, and friction caused her underarms to darken. When she eventually joined show biz, she went to different beauty clinics for brightening treatments.

Iza eventually decided to switch to aluminum-free deodorant and eventually, tawas. She shared that her underarms have never looked better than when she made the change!

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Okay, Iza, we'll take your word for it!

This story originally appeared on Cosmo.phMinor edits have been made by the editors.

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