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Beauty Lab: Iskin New York Transformation Kit

Beauty Assistant Ira Nopuente tested out the skincare line for 30 days.
Beauty Lab: Iskin New York Transformation Kit Beauty Assistant Ira Nopuente tested out the skincare line for 30 days.

Whiter and more translucent skin is the common goal of most Filipinas. Any bottle that says “Brightening” or “Whitening” instantly widens their eyes. They go straight to the cashier to take the whitening concoction home. In fact, women in their mid-20s should actually start enrobing their skin with anti-aging products but for those who desire fairer skin, this factor is often neglected. Since my age (oh oh) calls for the use of time-reversing skincare products, ISkin New York Transformation Kit comes in handy. The line is exclusively distributed in Flawless clinics, making it accessible Filipinas nationwide.

The ISkin New York Transformation Kit promises to rebuild collagen and stimulate cell growth (all the good things for youthful skin) and ignite luminous, whiter skin.  Don't let the "New York" label fool you. The skin potions are formulated with the Asian skin in mind. Here in the Philipppines, the weather is humid and the sun is stronger. Filipino skin is prone to excessive melanin production, dilated pores, and oily skin. The whole line has undergone rigorous lab testing to ensure the best results. I immediately asked the Flawless team, "Would this give me pearly, rosy white skin? Just like Korean actresses?" There's only one way to find out.


Curiousity was brewing in so I dove right in. Before I started using the kit, I scheduled an appointment with Flawless’ dermatologist to analyze my skin. Since I have oily skin, I got the pore refining toner. The Flawless team warned me that there will be subtle peeling on my skin, which is part of the skin renewal process. I thought to myself, “I could manage that, all in the name of beauty.” Before using the line I was required to get a facial to start on a clean slate. I opted for the stem cell facial to get all the dirt, dead skin, and residue out of the way.

I went over the skin routine day and night. For my morning routine, I used the Deep Cleanser, Pore Refining Toner, Radiance Cream, and UV Sunshield Cream. At night I replaced the sunscreen with a 1:1 combination of Cellular Repair Complex Cream and Renew Cream.

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For the first two weeks, I saw small patches of peeled skin all over my face. I could still put on makeup by using a moisturizing BB cream. It wasn’t all that scary as I don't tink I looked like I was molting. The peeling was manageable. I was able to wear makeup and attend events and meetings without getting unwanted stares and questions. On the third week, I noticed my face stayed shine-free until 5pm–breaking the records. I didn’t get any breakouts, too. The toner really helped since it contained salycilic acid, an essential ingredient to manage and control blemishes.

Now for the fun part: On the fourth week, my skin really became  radiant and glowing. I often get asked if I just had a relaxing facial. People started probing on what products I was currently using. My skin became clear beyond my expectations–pores almost unseen and the translucent glow was obvious. I have to say I owe it to whole kit. The toner helped managed my oily skin. The Cellular Repair Complex Cream when mixed with Renew cream really revealed new skin. I felt like my skin was reborn.


Lastly, the Radiance cream, a lightweight moisturizer with a matte finish boosted with glycolic acid lightened and evened out my skintone, visible on the third week of use. I can truly say that this kit is effective and I would recommend it to friends who want to see dramatic skin transformation. You'll get your money's worth with the results.

Iskin New York Transformation Kit, P18000 enough to last for 3-5 months, Flawless clinics

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