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Is Boob Contouring the Next Big Makeup Trend?

Who needs implants when you can use makeup?
Is Boob Contouring the Next Big Makeup Trend? Who needs implants when you can use makeup?

Ah, yes, contouring. The magical makeup technique that's gained intense popularity over the past few years. Partly because of Kim Kardashian, mostly because of social media.

It is an age-old technique that has been around long before Kimmy and her klan took over television. Makeup artists have been using this process to “recede” parts of a person’s face to create dimension. The results? Chiseled jawlines, pointier noses, and sculpted cheekbones.

The technique, however, is not just limited to the face. Contouring can also be done on the chest area to create the illusion of bigger and fuller boobs. No push-up bra or surgery required.

YouTuber Laura Lee created this very informative video on how she does boob and neck contouring using the products she normally uses for the face. She begins by placing the contouring cream on the areas where she wishes to create shadows. She then follows up with some highlighting products on the other parts to draw in more light. After some intense blending, the results are amazing. Watch the tutorial below:

The process is tedious and time consuming, so it’s definitely not something that you’d do every day. We recommend trying out this trick for special occasions or when you feel like you need extra boobage.

Don’t be afraid to try it out—there’s absolutely nothing wrong with doing it!

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