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Intraceuticals Infusion

Testing out the latest celebrity craze now available at The Spa.
Intraceuticals Infusion Testing out the latest celebrity craze now available at The Spa.

Everybody loves a good celebrity beauty secret. Nicole Kidman swears by dipping her flaming hair into cranberry juice to preserve the color; Julia Roberts braves using a safety pin to separate her lashes when applying mascara; and Cindy Crawford mixes her own concoction of milk and water to spritz on her face throughout the day.

So when The Spa invited me to try their new Intraceutical Infusion, a service Madonna swears by and has to have before every performance, I knew I had to try it. Whatever is good enough for Madge is good enough for me!

What is it?

Now to explain the science behind the service may get a little technical. Using Hyperbaric Oxygen Technology, the service infuses modified Hyaluronic Acid (an ingredient which helps keep the skin supple, flexible and elastic) through pressurized oxygen, which allows for added hydration to the skin.

It targets sun damage, pigmentation, fine lines and uneven skin tone, with instant results seen even after the first session. The procedure is completely natural and non-invasive so you can actually do it as much as you can.

Celebrity Followers:

Katy Perry, Madonna, Justin Timberlake, and Eva Longoria

Review of the Service:

Upon entering The Spa, Acropolis (currently the only branch that offers the service), I was greeting warmly by Dr. Mata, who brought the procedure to the Philippines. He then proceeded to carefully examine my face together with his technician, pointing at different parts of my face.

Feeling slightly conscious of someone staring that carefully at my complexion, seeing my pores in all their glory, I asked Dr. Mata what he was looking at. He said that he was pointing out all the areas that needed some concentration, which included my under eye area (I had put on some extra concealer that day from a late night out, but I guess that didn't work!), my laugh lines, and discoloration on the sides of my cheeks.

I was then led to one of the private rooms, but instead of a massage bed, a large comfortable reclining chair was in its place. I was left in the room for what seemed like a good twenty minutes while they were preparing the machine. Just as I was about to doze off, my technician reappeared to finally begin the procedure.

The first thing I noticed was the sound of the Intraceuticals machine, which reminded me of hearing someone breathing heavily while sleeping. The technician explained that using Hyperbaric Oxygen Technology, the machine refines the air and pumps out 95% pure oxygen out of what they call an Oxygen Infuser (it basically looks like a pen without a metal tip).

She then proceeded to go over my face with the pressurized oxygen. Although she warned me that I may experience some slight tingling, I actually liked the cold sensation of the air blowing on my face and didn't feel any discomfort.

My technician first did the right side my face in order for me to see the difference. After thirty minutes, she applied a Contour Eye Gel, Hydtration Gel and Moisture Binding Cream on my skin before showing me the results.

Honestly I'll admit at first glance the only thing I noticed was that one side was more supple than the other but when she started pointing out my now smoother laugh lines and lightened dark circles, I started looking more closely.

The biggest change was how much higher my right eyebrow was. Seriously it was about 3cm higher than the left side, as if I had just undergone a brow lift. The result was definitely skin that felt and looked refreshed. She then finished off my other side before showing me the complete transformation.

The biggest downside of the procedure in my opinion is how long it takes. I love a good spa day as much as the next girl, but it did seem like it went on forever. I definitely got a bit fidgety especially since I didn't have my iPod on and there was cellphone service in the room. But for those who like getting away from the world, this really shouldn't be a problem.

After it was all done, I looked like I had gotten a full day of sleep judging from how refreshed and hydrated my skin was. What's even better was that my technician told me that results would be even better 48 hours later.

General Comments:

Whoever said that no pain no gain obviously hadn't experienced an Intraceutical Infusion yet. Although it will set you off a couple of thousands, its best reserved for special occasions when you need that extra glow. Also, I would recommend setting a whole morning or afternoon aside to get the treatment, because although it only takes around an hour to finish, there is some waiting involved, which can extend your treatment to around two hours or more if you do decide to use the other spa amenities.

To book an appointment of your own, call The Spa Acropolis.
See the Salon and Spas Directory for details.

—Reggie Aquino, Beauty Assistant

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