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Is It Safe to Use Coloring Pencils As Lip Liner?

Is It Safe to Use Coloring Pencils As Lip Liner?
Read this before trying it out!

Every day, the internet comes up with new trends that people are so eager to try. But just because something is trending doesn’t always mean that it’s safe to copy, especially when it involves potentially putting your health at risk.

In the realm of beauty, we’ve had countless hit-or-miss trends. They’re usually all in good fun, but sometimes you should do a double-take before trying these trends out yourself. Case in point: this new beauty hack that's been going viral, which involves using coloring pencils as a substitute for lip liners. That’s right, the same coloring pencils you probably played with as a kid.

But we pose a very important food for thought: Is it safe? Ahead, we talk about whether or not you should be using coloring pencils as lip liners.

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Tiktok user and makeup artist @makeuponriri uploaded a video of herself using a Crayola coloring pencil as a lip liner. The video has since garnered over three million views and almost half a million likes. 

Of course, other content creators followed suit and tried the trend themselves. 

She later revealed in a follow-up video that the trend is just for fun. “Obviously, I know that these [coloring pencils] aren’t better than the real thing. But it’s fun to try,” she said. She even told her viewers that they should use non-toxic coloring pencils to avoid irritation if they wanted to try the trend. But here’s the thing: Just because the pencils are labeled "non-toxic" doesn’t mean they’re safe to use on the skin.


Is it safe to use coloring pencils as lip liners? 

This isn’t the first time coloring pencils have been used as a replacement for beauty products. Back in 2015, there was a trend on Youtube where beauty vloggers would create makeup tutorials using Crayola pencils. It raised so many concerns that Crayola had to release a statement telling these vloggers to stop. 

In their website’s FAQs section, it states, “Although our arts and crafts products are nontoxic, we do not recommend using them to make eyeliner, lipstick, or other makeup, and strongly discourage using them this way. Crayola art products were never intended to be used on the skin or face in this manner.”

They continued to explain how makeup, unlike their coloring materials, goes through specific and rigorous testing to be safe to use on the skin. “Because they were never meant to be used as makeup, our colored pencils, crayons, markers, paint, and all art products have not been tested in the same way a makeup product is and should not be used as a cosmetic. Crayola art materials are not designed, tested, or approved for this purpose, ” they warned.

So should you be doing this trend? Nope! Instead, tons of affordable lip liners are available on the market. Check out our top recommendations below! 

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