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7 Influencer-Approved Beauty Tips for When You Travel Abroad

These IG girls show us how to stay fresh while on the go.
7 Influencer-Approved Beauty Tips for When You Travel Abroad

If you’ve booked your next trip abroad, then consider upgrading your beauty arsenal. After all, the heat, humidity, and pollution of a foreign city can be damaging to your skin and hair—even during a short trip.

To help you get started, we’ve listed 7 fool-proof beauty tips that have been tried, tested, and loved by your fave IG girls during their travels. Check them out, below.

1. Slather on some SPF.

In a hot country like Bali, sunblock helps protect your skin from UV damage and hyperpigmentation. For skin as fair and flawless as Elisse Joson's, you definitely want to keep a bottle at hand.

2. Get toasty.

Wear a warm, natural-looking blush just like Maggie Wilson. It adds a sunkissed glow to your complexion, and gives depth to tanned skin.

3. Shape your brows.

Touring a busy city like Bangkok can get really hectic. If you don't have time to put on a full face of makeup, at least make sure your brows well-groomed. For evenings out, just dab on a bit of smokey eyeshadow. You'll look just like Ahtisa Manalo.

4. Swipe a moisturizing MLBB.

Take a cue from Lexi Mendiola—skip dark hues and go for a mauvish nude instead. It keeps your lips looking luscious and plump, even in hot and humid weather. It's also perfect for tropical or swimsuit OOTDs.

5. Use your lippie as eyeshadow.

When you're on the go, it's best to leave your hefty eyeshadow palette behind. Instead, dab a bit of your peach lippie on your eyelids. On Sandy Riccio, it brightens her complexion and gives her a soft, glossy look.

6. Stay hydrated.

Apart from heat and humidity, pollution can leave your skin and hair feeling dry and looking damaged. For Nicole Cordoves, a lightweight facial spritz kept her face looking matte and fresh in Arashiyama.

7. Use a lightweight conditioner

Ever wondered how Coleen Garcia and all these influencers kept their hair fresh during their travels? They used Cream Silk's Hydra Fresh Light Conditioner. With a water-based formula powered with Hydra Collagen Technology, it helps provide intense hydration while keeping your hair feeling unbelievably light.

It's also non-greasy and easy to rinse—making it perfect for when you're touring, shopping, and taking pics in hot and humid cities.

So whether you're sipping cocktails in Bali or exploring the night markets of Bangkok, you can bet that Cream Silk's Hydra Fresh Light Conditioner will help keep your hair fresh and bouncy, even after a full day (or night) of being out an about. #IntenseButLight

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