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Want a Bold Hair Color? Go for It, Says This Blogger Who Tried 4 in One Year

Ida Anduyan also shares how she cares and maintains her hair color.
Want a Bold Hair Color? Go for It, Says This Blogger Who Tried 4 in One Year

Scroll through Ida Anduyan’s feed and you’ll find yourself looking at your newest hair inspo. In the past year, the 25-year-old fashion blogger has tried four different hair colors, from platinum blonde to peachy pink. Clearly, Ida isn’t afraid to experiment with her look on a semi-permanent basis, so we just had to chat with her about what inspires her different hairstyles, how she keeps her hair healthy, and how she stays true to her personal style.

What hair colors have you tried this past year?

I’ve tried blonde, platinum blonde, pink, and gray. I went blonde because I was growing bored with my black hair, and I wanted to experience being blonde. But when I achieved that creamy, white blonde hue, I was inspired to try more daring colors. After each color change, I felt like I unlocked a different side of myself and my style.

Tell us how your adventure with hair color began.

I’ve always been adventurous with my hair—it’s always been the canvas on which I express myself. I even entered a hair competition back in high school; I colored my hair into stripes of purple, yellow, and green. (The dye only lasted for a day.) And while I thought my hair looked ridiculous at the time, the experience gave me the courage to try new hairstyles and colors.

When I was in my teens, I got crazy with my hair during the summer breaks. The emo look was in, so I got a single red streak, and later on, a single blue steak.

Fast-forward to college: I tried dark red—the brassy red you get when you try to color unbleached Asian hair—and later on, I bleached my side-swept bangs. I also got into the dip dye trend at one point and tried pink tips.

After all those experiments, I laid low for a bit to let my hair grow out. But the urge to try more looks—especially platinum blonde—eventually came back. So, here we are now. Honestly, I’m already looking to try a bluish gray color.

How do you decide on a color?

My first color change in the past year—blonde—was planned. I looked through numerous pictures of blonde hair to find the tone I liked most, then I showed my peg to my stylist. My decision to dye it pink, however, was pretty spontaneous. Initially, I was going to have my stylist dye it a peachy-blonde shade, but I went with pink hair at the last minute.

Every time I want to change my look, though, the process is the same: I do my own research online, pick a style and shade that I like, and show it to my hair stylist for him to replicate.

How would you describe your personal style? How does your hair play into it?

I’m a fan of contrast, so I like mixing up different styles—the ones that don’t normally work together, like socks with heels, dresses with sneakers, or feminine tops with baggy jeans. For beauty, I like monochromatic makeup and I usually go for orange hues. I also like it when my hair looks effortlessly edgy.

It’s hard to describe my style since it’s all over the place and always evolving. Life’s too short to look the same way for the rest of your life. There was a time I wanted to try a corporate kind of look: heels, button-downs, wide-leg trousers. This was when I had long black hair, and I believe my hair color resonated with that. Now that I have more eccentric hair, my style has adapted to that. Or is it vice versa? I’m not sure! What I do know is that my style and my outward appearance have always been my way to get my personality out there. I don’t care about what other people might think about me, as long as I feel free and comfortable in my own look.

How have people responded to your different hair colors?

I get nothing but love offline and online. It’s really so nice that people are so supportive of it. Sometimes, I get the occasional “I miss your black hair” or “'di bagay sa 'yo.” But what matters is what I feel about it. If my hair makes me happy and makes me feel better about myself, then great!

I’ve also received comments from people who say that I’ve given them the courage to express themselves through their appearance. I really want people to realize that we all have this awesomeness inside us just waiting to come out if we cared less about what other people might say.

What’s your take on the opinion that unconventional hair colors look unprofessional?

If your workplace has a rule about hair color, then part of being professional is respecting the rules of the institution you belong to. But if this isn’t the case, I think looking professional with vibrant hair is all about how you carry it. If you look tidy, well-groomed, and move and talk with respect and consideration of others, then you’ll look cool and professional.

What’s your advice for girls who want to change their hair?

Life’s too short to not try the things you want to try. Just do it.

Like Ida, you can switch up your hair, work a new look, and try different styles as often as you like—no matter what others might think. This is exactly what Dove’s My Hair, My Say campaign wants us to do: to stand up for own standards of beauty. Be brave, express yourself, and show who you really are. Staying true to yourself never goes out of style.

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