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I Do Nails: Gel Manicure

How long does a gel manicure survive on our a web editor's digits?
I Do Nails: Gel Manicure How long does a gel manicure survive on our a web editor's digits?

Last Monday, I started beauty prepping for Preview's Best Dressed Ball. I became serious with my daytime and nigttime skincare routine and soaked my strands with a nourishing hair mask. Without neglecting my digits, I went to I Do Nails in Eastwood to get my nails done. At that time I was set on getting something bright because of my outfit and a gel manicure because of its industrial-strength properties.

I Do Nails uses only Orly GelFX for their gel manicure services. If you want a regular mani, you can choose from Orly to Deborah Lippmann to Chanel as your polish of choice. It was my first time to try gel, and the timing was perfect since I needed my manicure to look immaculate until Friday night. 



The nail aesthetician started by filing my nails (I don't like other people trimming my fingernails; it feels weird!). She first asked if she could cut the cuticles, so for those who want their cuticles untouched, please say so. A basecoat was applied on each nail then made to dry under Orly's UV dryer for (best part) only 30 seconds. She then cleaned unwanted particles or bubbles on each nail surface with a wide brush. After much deliberation on the shade (the biggest dilemma, of course), I succumbed to Lola, a neon pink, almost red color. Just like the basecoat, I had to have my nails dry under the UV dryer after each coat. After three layers,  my nails were as opaque and fluoro as I wanted; she topped them off with a gel topcoat and again, left to dry under UV light. I was hesitant to grab my phone and read a text message, only to be reminded that my nails were already dry. I was astonished! I forgot how convenient this was.

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A  chip-free regular manicure on me lasts for about three days max. I do believe that if you have kids at home, your manicure can never survive a week without a chip or whatever little tragedy. Fast forward to Friday, my Lola nails looked as good as the time I went out of the nail salon: My digits were as glossy as ever and untarnished. I recommend grabbing this service if you'll be attending a major event and your nails need to look perfect for a long time, or for travel too.


(Ed's Note: You have to go back to your nail salon to have your gel polish removed—the procedure calls for professional tools and products.)

Orly GelFX Manicure, P600, I Do Nails, Eastwood Mall

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