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I Dyed My Hair Blonde and This is What Happened

Yes, I do have a blonde ambition.
I Dyed My Hair Blonde and This is What Happened Yes, I do have a blonde ambition.


I remember the first time I was bitten by the blonde bug. I was quite unsure, so I went ombré—bronde (a mix of blonde and brunette) with blonde ends. I knew having to subject my strands to bleach meant that my life (or hair care, in particular) would never be the same.

1. I became label-conscious.
Being a bottle blonde, I had to be keen on reading product labels. I always make sure that my shampoo doesn't contain any sulfates to avoid my bleached 'do from getting brassy and faded.

2. I became addicted to conditioners.
Any product that promises to smoothen and soften, is good in my book. Since my hair was chemically rewired to remain as light strands, it's more susceptible to frizz. Conditioning my tresses every day keeps them tamed and healthy.

3. I can't live without serums and leave-on conditioners.
The smoothening process doesn't end in the shower. I have to nourish my tips with these babies to repair the damage the bleach has done to my hair.


4. I pencil in the next appointment.
Seeing roots on my hair is more obvious than ever,  which prompts me to schedule my next salon visit, stat! Ideally, if I see an inch of dark roots, I rush to my stylist. But because of my busy schedule, I let it grow to two inches of regrowth. To make it less obvious, I try these tricks.

5. I realized that blondes do have more fun.
Since going lighter, I enjoy styling my hair more. Whether its braids or beach waves, I love the results better because I'm able to see the texture of my 'do. Currently, I've been abusing sea salt spray because I'm obsessed with beach waves. Of course, I do avoid heat-styling because I don't want to sport strands that have been fried to a golden brown. I've been relying on this heat-free method for weeks: Spritz with sea salt spray, scrunch each section, braid the locks into pigtail plaits (using metal-free hair elastics), and unravel the braids to reveal textured waves after three hours. I do admit being blonde can be a commitment, but I'm having so much fun with it!

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