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How Your Vice Ruins Your Skin

The things you need to know before you “indulge.”
How Your Vice Ruins Your Skin The things you need to know before you “indulge.”

Old habits die hard. Yes, we know. Breaking up with the things we’ve grown accustomed to and “can’t live without” is never easy. That’s not even the worst part. Sometimes, even if we know how much damage it does, we still go on acting like it’s okay, all because YOLO

Here we break down the damage done to our skin brought on by the most common vices. Consider this a public service announcement.


The Coffee Addict


While some of us find it physically impossible to function without that hot venti triple shot latte, drinking coffee can actually be bad for your skin. Caffeine robs the body of Vitamin C, which leads to aging and is also very dehydrating. A quick solution, if you so insist that you cannot live without your morning cup of Joe, is to load up on H2O (at least two glasses) for every cup of coffee you drink. 


The Night Owl

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Whether you’re working the graveyard shift, partying till the club shuts down, or have a bad case of insomnia, staying up late, can seriously take its toll on our skin. Burning the midnight oil leads to exhaustion, which depletes the natural nutrients that stimulate our skin’s natural makeup. Our skin goes into repair mode when we sleep so not getting enough of it leads to a dull and aged look. 


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The Smoker


Everyone knows that cigarette smoking is dangerous to your health but we still do it, anyway. Other than seriously affecting your lungs and overall wellness, it can also do some pretty serious harm to your skin. For one, it leads to premature aging, causes dark under eye circles, and dulls your complexion as it depletes your body of vital nutrients.  

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The Wine Drinker


Ever heard of “Wine Face?” Noticeable redness between the eyes, enlarged pores, dry skin, botchy complexion—you get the picture. Though red wine may have it’s health benefits, it is also very concentrated and filled with sugar, which leads to acne flare ups and also causes dehydration.

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