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How Well Do These Preview Girls Know Their Besties?

"Oh my god, that's so accurate! That's so creepy."
How Well Do These Preview Girls Know Their Besties?

If there’s one person who knows you even better than you know yourself, it’s your best friend. Along with everything else about you, they know you by your fashion choices, makeup looks, and even skincare routine. Sometimes, they can even tell your mood by your hairstyle on a particular day.

While you’re out shopping, you know you can trust her judgment when you try on new clothes, shoes, and makeup. Don’t know if blue eyeshadow suits your skin tone, or if a bob cut compliments your face shape? Don’t worry, your best friend’s got your back.

To prove our point, we challenged Preview Girls and their besties to show us how well they know each other’s beauty habits. See how they fared in our little quiz:


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