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5 Ways to Update Your Face Washing Routine to Achieve Clear, Glowing Skin

Keep your skin blemish-free and healthy.
5 Ways to Update Your Face Washing Routine to Achieve Clear, Glowing Skin
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Keep your skin blemish-free and healthy.

Scoring flawless skin not only depends on the skincare products you use, but how you wash your face, too. Although this task is pretty basic (we've done this all our lives after all), there are still ways to elevate your cleansing experience to help improve your complexion. Check out our suggestions below:

1. Count 60 seconds

Great for: Everyone

This tip doesn't cost a peso. All you need to do is count 60 seconds while you wash your face. This habit allows the cleanser's formula to work well in dissolving dirt and grime on your skin. U.S. based aesthetician Nayamka Roberts-Smith strongly recommended this method on Twitter and the responses were positive!


2. Check your water's temperature

Great for: Everyone

Here's another hack that won't require you cough out some cash: Check your water's temperature when you wash your face. Hot water can trigger redness and may dry out your skin. Cold water, on the other hand, may not be able to dissolve sebum, which eventually causes breakouts.

The best middle ground is (quite literally, too) is lukewarm water. It can take off sebum buildup without shocking blood vessels. If cold temp is the only option, melt the greasy layers with an oil-based cleanser (oil takes away oil!), aka double-cleansing.

3. Double-cleanse

Great for: Those who like to wear makeup

As mentioned above, your favorite facial wash may not be enough to remove your makeup and sebum buildup. Grab a cleansing milk, oil, or balm to help dissolve foundation, powder, eyeshadow, liner, mascara, and lipstick. Oil-based cleansers can also clarify excess shine! Then, follow it up with the foam cleanser to free your pores from dust and smoke particles.

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4. Use a cleanser with the right formula

Great for: Everyone

Oily skin types should look for facial cleansers that can effectively lift dirt and sebum buildup. Check if the product has salicylic acid, glycolic acid, or tea tree oil. Dry skin will benefit from cream-based cleansers. If you want to eliminate the guesswork, try a formula that works for all skin types.


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5. Wash your face with a cleansing brush

Great for: Those who need a deep clean

Getting facials are certainly out of the equation given our current situation. What you can do instead is to wash with a facial cleansing brush to help dislodge layers of sebum and dead skin buildup on your face. This step helps exfoliates your complexion—a key step in scoring blemish-free, glowing skin. You may also try an exfoliating cleanser (one with AHA or BHA) if you don't have a cleansing device at home.


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