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Why You Need to Be Careful With The Way You Store Vitamin C Serums

A must-know!
Why You Need to Be Careful With The Way You Store Vitamin C Serums
A must-know!

A vitamin C serum is a godsend to your skincare routine! It can brighten your complexion, fade dark spots, and create a healthy overall radiance on your face. But besides knowing its benefits, you must also be aware of the proper way to handle this delicate baby. One wrong move will make it go to waste. Goodbye, dreams of glowing skin and hard-earned money!

The problem with vitamin C serums is that they lose their potency when they get oxidized. This means their formulas become altered when they are exposed to sunlight or heat. A tell-tale sign would be if the liquid has turned into an amber or brown hue. No matter how much vitamin C serum you've slathered on your skin, it just won't be as effective as it should be. You need to toss it. I know, heartbreaking.


To prevent this from happening, you must store your vitamin C serums (and other forms of it, like creams and oils) in a dry, cool place or inside your fridge. This will protect them from sun exposure and warm temperature (our rooms can sometimes feel like an oven!). Alternatively, you may opt for serums stored in dark, opaque bottles. The tint of their packaging serves as protection from the elements.

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