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How to Upgrade Your Skincare Routine in Your 30s

Because your skin's changing!
How to Upgrade Your Skincare Routine in Your 30s
ILLUSTRATOR Mark Buenaobra
Because your skin's changing!

Everyone’s skin ages at a different rate, but the early signs of aging do tend to show up around your 30s. If you noticed that your skin’s starting to change (think: deeper wrinkles, more dark spots, loss of firmness, dry or rough skin), don’t dawdle! You can prevent further damage and help slow down the aging process by taking stock of your current skincare routine and giving a few (or all!) of your products an upgrade. Check out our suggestions below!

The Skincare Upgrade:  A Gentler Cleanser

Your skin produces less and less oil as you age, so a strong facial wash might be doing more harm than good. If your skin feels tight and dry post-wash, try switching to a creamy cleanser. The mousse formula is a nice in-between for those who still want the fresh, clean feeling without overdrying the skin.


IMAGE Clarins

CLARINS White Plus Pure Translucency Brightening Creamy Mousse Cleanser, P2750, Rustan's

The Skincare Upgrade: An Oil-Based Makeup Remover

Ditch the makeup remover wipes and messy cotton pads—these just tug on your skin and can cause sagging in the long run. Instead, use an oil-based cleanser that can melt off the toughest, long-lasting makeup with just a few pumps. This one's a water-soluble formula won’t leave your skin with greasy residue and it’s spiked with moisturizing ingredients like olive oil and vitamin E, too.

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DHC Deep Cleansing Oil, P1500, BeautyMNL

The Skincare Upgrade: A Solo Sunscreen

Actually, we hope you already started doing this in your 20s because (1) sun damage is cumulative and (2) the SPF in your foundation or moisturizer doesn’t always give you the amount of sun protection you need. Try a skin-friendly formula that’s good for daily use like the one below. It shields your skin against the full spectrum of indoor and outdoor UVA, UVB, infrared, and visible light, and even helps lighten melasma when used indoors daily. 



VMV Armada Face Cover 30, P875, 

The Skincare Upgrade: A Hydrating Emulsion

Remember the times when applying too much moisturizer or using a multi-step regimen would make you breakout because it was too much for your skin? Well, now’s the time to see if that’s still true. If your skin feels rough, dry, or has lost its plumpness, adding a light essence can help reduce dehydration and prep your skin for the next step in your routine. Our pick has Reotier water and hyaluronic acid to instantly refresh and plump the skin. 


IMAGE LOccitane

L’OOCCITANE Aqua Réotier Moisture Prep Essence, P1500, Rustan's

The Skincare Upgrade: A Splurge-Worthy Eye Serum

The skin around your eyes is the most sensitive, thinnest, and it’s where the signs of aging appear first. Keep lines and droopy lids away by adding a nightly eye serum like this one from Sisley. This anti-aging treatment for the eye contour area uses a combination of four plant-based active ingredients that works at night to help rejuvenate the eyes. It also has açai and caffeine to help reduce dark circles and puffiness. Since it’s harder to reduce the damage in this area, this is the product you should invest when you shop for skincare.


IMAGE Sisley

SISLEY Supremÿa Eyes at Night, P13,500, Rustan's

The Skincare Upgrade: A Chemical Exfoliant 

Back in your 20s, exfoliating wasn’t really a big deal—unless your main concern was to banish excess dirt and prevent pimples. But since your cell turnover is slowing down and the dead skin cells on the surface are piling up, you need to try a mild chemical exfoliation at least once a week to keep your skin fresh and bright. Tip: Adding this particular product to your routine can also help with adult acne since it contains salicylic acid—just Google the Before & After pics to check out the proof!


IMAGE Glossier

GLOSSIER Solution, P1700, Calyxta

The Skincare Upgrade: A Potent Night Cream

A regular moisturizer won’t cut it anymore. You need something potent that’s designed to reverse the damage that occurred while you sleep. This cream helps minimize wrinkles with two types of retinol—fast-acting and time-released—to give you both instant and lasting skin improvements. It also has peptide-rich red algae extract to help improve firmness and elasticity, and since sagging skin is what tends to age Asian women more, this is a major plus!



MURAD Retinol Youth Renewal Night Cream, Rustan's

The Skincare Upgrade: A Corrective Treatment

Remember all the times you skipped sunscreen because you were lazy or wanted a tan? If you’re starting to see more dark spots on your face, add a corrective serum to help reverse the damage, even out your complexion, and brighten up your skin. This one from Clinique is prescription-strength and helps lighten blemishes and pigmentation caused by the sun or even acne. 


IMAGE Clinique

CLINIQUE Even Better Clinical Dark Spot Corrector, P3500, SM Megamall 

The Skincare Upgrade: A Daily Facial Mask

We all want that translucent, no makeup glow we used to have back in our teens! If you want to bring back your youthful radiance with a vengeance, then you have to be really extra when it comes to your skincare routine by adding a daily face mask (you can use this instead of your daily moisturizer in the morning). This one comes with 31 sheets—good for a month’s use—and contains 30 kinds of beauty essence to give you smooth and glowing skin.


IMAGE Hadabisei

HADABISEI All In One Brightening, P895, Shop.BeautyBox.Com

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