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8 Hacks for Taming Your Bangs This Summer

8 Hacks for Taming Your Bangs This Summer
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If there's a will, there's a way!

Getting bangs can be both a blessing and a curse. On one hand, you'll look really good, but on the other, you'll start feeling like a zookeeper. Your fringe eventually develops a life of its own and rebels.

Things get trickier when summer rolls in, because the heat introduces new enemies: sweat and cowlicks. While it might be frustrating, keep calm. You don't have to regret the chop just yet. In fact, we have foolproof hair hacks for you and your stubborn fringe below!

1. Wash often.

The recommended twice to thrice a week hair washing only applies to those without bangs. If you have a forehead situation going on, shampoo your bangs (yup, just the bangs!) whenever necessary. Doing this will save you from forehead breakouts, too!

2. If not, stick to dry shampoo.

Not everyone has the time (or patience) for hair washing, we know. So when your fringe needs a lift sans the H2O, dry shampoo will absorb excess oil while creating volume.


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Tresemme Dry Shampoo Instant refresh, P450, Calyxta

3. Don't apply too much product.

As tempting as it is to overload with hairspray, hair gel, and pomade to make your bangs behave—don't. Because at the end of the day, it becomes a greasy mess. You don't want to deal with cowlicks, do you?

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4. Keep your forehead grease-free.

Be minimal with your forehead products to minimize oil and sweat. Apply less moisturizer, skip foundation if possible, and powder if you're oily. Combine this with the previous tip and your bangs will be less likely to separate.

IMAGE Beauty and Minerals

Palgantong Theatrical Powder, P650, Beauty and Minerals


5. Heat style before it dries.

Once your bangs are dry, they'll be semi-impossible to maneuver. They'll already have a life of their own at that state! So to successfully tame them, attack while vulnerable. While you're still fresh out of the shower, shake off some water and blow dry to your preferred look. It'll have no choice but to follow!

6. Use a round brush for styling.

Drop the wide-tooth comb ASAP. A round brush has more compact bristles that will smooth over your bangs and unite the strands better. Make it your default for brushing and blowdrying.



Goody Women's New Heritage Round Brush, P1299.75, PCX Rockwell

7. Sleep with a headband over them.

Believe it or not, you can train your bangs to behave like you would with a pet. The trick here is proper conditioning. Alle from xoVain shared that she wore a headband to train hers, but you can also use pins.

8. If all else fails, hide them.

We unfortunately have to accept that not everyday can be a good fringe day. Luckily, hope is never lost. You can rock the no-bangs look for a day and no one will know! Click here for ideas!



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