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How to Take Care of Long Hair If You Can't Get a Haircut

Here are some hair care tips.
How to Take Care of Long Hair If You Can't Get a Haircut
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Here are some hair care tips.

If you've been cooped up at home for the past few months, chances are, your hair has probably grown a couple of inches long and you're contemplating whether a trip to the salon is worth it or not. The long hair look is cool and all, but it does come with a price. You'll need to take extra care of your tresses to keep them healthy.

But if you choose to forego a salon visit for now, here are some hair care tips for long hair you can try while you grow it out:

Avoid towel-drying.

It's easy to fall into the trap of towel-drying, but the rough texture of towels isn't good for your tresses. Instead, let your hair dry naturally while you tend to the other parts of your morning routine, like your skincare regimen.


Use the right hair ties.

When you're at home trying to accomplish as many errands as you can, tying your hair up to keep it away from your face is naturally part of the routine. What you might not be paying attention to is that tying your hair up too often can lead to hair damage because your hair is being yanked and pulled too much.

If you can't really avoid tying your hair up (we get it, masyadong mainit!), try using hair ties that won't cause as much damage as your favorite rubber bands, like a scrunchy or those telephone cord hair ties.

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Shampoo isn't enough.

Just as how cleansing isn't enough for our skin, our hair also needs extra care from time to time. Try investing in a tub of hair mask that moisturizes or repairs damaged hair strands.

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But don't overwash.

You've probably heard of this advice, but it will still depend on your lifestyle, of course. If you spend time in a place that's too humid, or if you sweat too often, washing your hair each day can get rid of the accumulated dirt. But if you're just at home anyway, you can try washing your hair every other day.


Wash your hair with both warm and cold water.

It seems that the skincare trick of washing your face with warm water before cleansing and rinsing it with cold water after can apply to hair care, too. According to Bustle, starting off with warm water opens the hair cuticles, which helps make the nutrients in your hair products more effective. Rinsing it after with cold water will seal it all off and keep moisture in your hair.


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