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Here's How You Can Make Your Digital Perm Last Longer

Keep those bouncy waves for as long as possible!
Here's How You Can Make Your Digital Perm Last Longer
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Keep those bouncy waves for as long as possible!

With masks constantly on and makeup out of the way, it's normal to want a little extra something for your look. In my case, I've become tired of my slick straight hair, but I'm also too lazy to devote an extra hour to curl it when I need to go out. I thought, maybe it's time for me to get a perm—a digital perm, to be exact.

Digital perms or digiperms are created using a solution and heat from a digital machine, and they deliver a natural curl and wave unlike a regular perm. After my digital perm procedure, my new, soft and bouncy locks even gathered some second looks from people I'd pass by. You also don't have to worry about its appearance after a shower, because it dries into effortless natural-looking waves.

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If you're also considering getting a perm, be reminded that it needs maintenance to keep your waves intact for about a year. So, here are some care tips that will enhance your new waves:

1. Wait 24 hours before washing your hair.

As Elle Woods once reminded us in Legally Blonde, one should never wash newly-permed hair within 24 hours to avoid the deactivation of the ammonium thiogylcolate. Allow the chemical to sit in first so that your waves won't flatten out!

2. Avoid anything with heat.

Heated showers, hair straighteners, and curling irons may alter the shape of your waves. When styling, use a blow dryer on a cool setting to save your hair from damage.

3. Don't let your hair dry on its own.

After a cold bath, never leave your hair dripping wet. The water suspended on your hair will create heaviness that will pull your waves down. Air drying, as opposed to applying heat, is best for a perm, but make sure to pat not rub it dry with a towel to avoid frizz.

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4. Don’t let your hair get frizzy.

Waves and curls react easily to friction. To avoid looking like a frizzy mess, only finger comb your hair while it's still wet to help detangle it. You can scrunch up your locks or twist them around your fingers as it dries to also help define your curls. You should also use a microfiber towel and rest your hair on a soft pillowcase like a silk one when sleeping.


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5. Ask your hairstylist for product recommendations.

Don't forget to consult your hairstylist about products that will prolong your waves' and give them a moisturized and bouncy look. For example, I've been using a styling milk on damp hair to further define and bring luster to my waves.

PHOTO BY Watsons

Curl Styling Milk with Keratin Hair Lotion, P79, HAIRFIX, Watsons

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