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How To Style The Lob

We'll show you how to style the lob without you needing help from your hairstylist.
How To Style The Lob We'll show you how to style the lob without you needing help from your hairstylist.

We get it. Everyone’s suddenly taking the plunge and getting the lob and now you want it, too. You go to your trusted hairstylist, show him a photo of the celebrity whose haircut you want to cop, and then he chops off your tresses. He blow dries your hair after, style it the way you wanted to, and voila! You’re now sporting the “it” ‘do. But here’s the catch: You woke up the next day, hit the shower, and it finally sinks in. You’re on your own now and you have no idea how to style your new long bob.

Okay, calm down. We’re here to help. Well, we’re not exactly going to drive to your house to fix your hair for you. Instead, we’ll teach you how to style your lob so the next morning you wake up, you’ll know how to do it yourself sans the panic attack.


So, how about it? Scroll down and take notes from our lob-styling lessons.

The easiest way to style the lob is to keep is sleek and straight.

How To Do It: Use a flat paddle brush to comb your hair. To minimize the fly aways, the key is to keep your blow dryer pointed towards the ends. Use a flat iron and slide it through your hair starting from near the root area towards the ends. Finish it off with a shine serum to eliminate tangles and keep it glossy.

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Hair Pegs: Bianca Gonzales, Lily Collins, Liz Uy

Adding volume to your short tresses is best achieved with a layered lob. It’s straight from the roots going down but with soft curls grazing your collar bone.

How To Do It: Start off by using a medium-hold spray on your hair from roots to tips. With a round brush, blow dry your locks in separate sections and create volume by lifting hair up and away from your head and turning ends under. To hold the volume, mist over your entire head with a hairspray.


Hair Pegs: Jessy Mendiola, Olivia Munn, Toni Gonzaga

Beach waves are for those with longer manes, but with a lob, you can style your ‘do all tousled and pretty to get the same messy-hair-don’t-care effect.

How To Do It: Apply a beach wave spray after shampoo and conditioner then blow dry your hair using a vent or paddle brush. Once dry, wrap one to two inch sections of your hair in a curling iron and hold for about three seconds. Do this to the rest of your locks and spray on a beach wave mist once done. Flip your head over and tousle the curls to give it a messy look.


Hair Pegs: Anne Curtis, Vanessa Hudgens, Kathryn Bernardo

Who said you can’t curl short hair? Technically, you can, though it takes a little more time in the styling department. But if you’re preparing for a special occasion where it's a must to turn heads, then it’s got to be worth it.


How To Do It: Work a medium-hold gel or a curl contour cream through your damp hair and blow dry it using a round brush. Once completely dry, section it into four with one on each side and two at the back of your head. Starting from the back, drop down your hair in one-inch sections and wrap around a curling wand. After curling the entire head, let it cool then apply a small amount of mousse while scrunching curls.

Hair Pegs: Iza Calzado, Sarah Geronimo, Willa Holland

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