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How to Style Short Hair While Growing It Out

How to Style Short Hair While Growing It Out
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Take notes from these celebrities!

Anyone who’s tried a bold pixie cut or a blunt bob has probably experienced this: After making the bold move to go short (and getting raves for the style, nonetheless!) and months of regular visits to the salon for maintenance trims, you decide it’s finally time to grow it out and go back to your long, flowing locks. There is one tiny problem, though: having to sit through that awkward phase in between where your tresses decide to grow wild and free, resulting in tricky flyaways, uneven layers, and unflattering shapes.

If that thought sends you into a tiny panic attack, we’ve got good news for you! First of all, that period is only temporary. It will grow out soon enough to a nice, flattering lob that you can style and wear to your heart’s desire. Second, while you wait for that time that just can’t seem to come fast enough, there are ways to dress up your short-ish, untamed hair that will still turn heads.

We rounded up some of the best ways to style your short hair while growing it out, with some examples from your favorite celebrities. Awkward hair no more!

1. Coleen Garcia

Attending a formal event such as a wedding? Take cues from Coleen Garcia’s ABS-CBN Ball look; she styled her short hair in classic and romantic curls reminiscent of old Hollywood. Short hair and curls pair well together, curbing that dreaded flyaway by rolling it inward and into gentle and elegant curls. Part your hair on one side for some added volume!


2. Cristine Reyes

In case you missed it, actress and Preview May cover girl Cristine Reyes had to chop her locks and dye her hair red for her movie with Xian Lim, Untrue. When filming wrapped up, she was back to her black tresses, only shorter. If you’re growing out your hair from a drastic length, follow Cristine’s lead and slick your hair back in a sleek ‘do, combing it to the back and styling it with some pomade for shine. It’s a powerful and elegant look!

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3. Kryz Uy

We’ve all been there: There’s always that dreaded period when you’ve grown your hair out enough that it’s not pixie cut short, but is still not long enough to tie back into a ponytail. Here’s a solution: tiny braided pigtails! This hairstyle pairs well with a bucket hat, or like Kryz Uy, a wide-brimmed safari hat for outdoor adventures. It adds a playful touch to your appearance, and those tiny braids look adorable peeking out of the hat.

4. Laureen Uy

If you can’t be bothered to style or do your own hair, then switch it up with a bold new color instead like Laureen Uy! Her unicorn hair features streaks of different shades of purple, a true statement look that has us swooning. This style move works especially when you’ve got jagged or lopsided layers you want to conceal. Even the trickiest and most uneven layers will look great in a flawless and vibrant color!


5. Sue Ramirez

Growing out your wavy hair from a pixie cut? When your hair has reached chin length, your locks tend to fly all over the place. Instead of taming your tresses, embrace the look in a rebellious, ‘90s-inspired hairdo like Sue Ramirez. She didn’t even try to style them in a polished look— instead, she chose to amp up the volume with crimped hair parted down the middle and accessorized with statement barrettes. It’s a look that speaks casual cool.

6. Jessy Mendiola

Jessy Mendiola recently chopped her long locks for a posh and volumized pixie cut that honestly has us reminded of her SO’s mother, Vilma Santos—albeit in a stylish, 2019-friendly update. Play up the textures and layers in your hair with some texturizing spray or sea salt spray to add body and life to your hair. Don’t be shy in styling your bangs, if you have them.

7. Angelica Panganiban

If you have straight, fine hair and blunt ends, you can wear your hair effortlessly in a sleeker and more polished look that’s perfect for date night, like Angelica Panganiban’s gorgeous straight hair. Time to bring out the flat iron and enhance your natural texture.


8. Julie Anne San Jose

Meanwhile, for a more carefree and youthful style, take a page out of Julie Anne San Jose’s book and introduce texture into your messy non-lob ‘do. To get the look, start with damp hair and spray sea salt spray on your roots for those beach babe waves. Then, start scrunching every section of your hair with your hands, either leaving it to air-dry or using a blow dryer set to cool to set your hair.

9. Bea Alonzo

Here’s another quick styling trick to covet: tying your hair in a half bun! Bea Alonzo does this in a chic yet athleisure-ready way, decked out in sportswear while hiking on the rocky, snow-capped mountains in Vancouver. At this length, simply tying it in a half-up, half-down ponytail won’t do. Twist a portion of your hair on your crown into a bun, and then secure with an elastic band.

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