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How To Seduce With Red Lipstick

3 simple moves, and a sexy collection by MAC.
How To Seduce With Red Lipstick 3 simple moves, and a sexy collection by MAC.

Photographed by Jon Gurinsky

Last fall, Style Bible visited the New York studio of Isabel and Ruben Toledo to talk about their exclusive collaboration with MAC.  

Seated on a couch dwarfed by potted cacti, fashion's most amorous couple revealed that while Isabel's love for a red lip inspired the makeup, Ruben's clean, simple and graphic drawing style manifested in the packaging's fluid lines.

“We were thinking of making it a his and hers thing," said Ruben, a handsome, mustachioed Vogue illustrator with salt and pepper hair.

"And he was like, well I don't wear lipstick," said Isabel, a designer most known for dressing Michelle Obama. The long-married pair—they keep the flame alive by dancing to Cuban music and messing around with a hula hoop at home—laughed.

Below, Isabel's 3 tips for how she continues to allure her husband with her pout. Hint: It's all in the application.

1. Mix your reds.


Isabel and Ruben Toledo Lipstick in Barbecue, Opera and Victoriana, Php 1100 each, MAC

Isabel says: “It’s like painting.”

2. Play with application.

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Isabel and Ruben Toledo at the launch in New York. (Jon Gurinsky)

Isabel says: “If you dab it on, it’s just like you ate a fruit.”

3. Jumble up textures.

Isabel and Ruben Toledo Lipglass in Sin, Php 1100, MAC

Isabel says: “I like to put the matte lipstick on the bottom of the lip and the gloss on the center.”


The Isabel and Ruben Toledo Collection for MAC is out today, March 13 in leading MAC branches.

Read about our hangout with the couple in the March 2015 issue of Preview with Julia Barretto on the cover. Buy the digital copy HERE.

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