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5 Tricks to Keep Your Bun From Falling, According to a Hairstylist

5 Tricks to Keep Your Bun From Falling, According to a Hairstylist
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Do it like a pro!

Knowing how to properly secure a bun is a hair skill that everyone needs to master. And who better to teach us the trick than celebrity hairstylist John Valle himself! Below, he shares his top tips to making sure that your bun stays nowhere but up. Keep reading and find out how.

1. Pick up an invisible hair net.

Hairstylist or not, you need this in your life if you love a clean bun. This tool will hold your hair together and prevent any shorter strands from sticking out. Try it out with a low chignon for a casual yet polished vibe!

2. Use braids to your advantage.

For messy buns, John likes to braid the hair first before twisting them into a bun. This gives the hair a better grip, making it less likely for it to fall.

3. Twist the hair before tying it up.

Again, more texture, less slip. Twist the section you want to tie up, and when it's tight enough, start wrapping it into a circle to create your bun!


4. Slide bobby pins under the finished bun.

Connect your roots and the bun with bobby pins for a stronger hold, but make sure they're well-hidden. Also, lay the textured side of the bobby pin flat onto your hair to further prevent sliding! Do this above and beneath your knot so it's secure on both ends. 

5. Loosen the bun after knotting.

Don't make the mistake of starting a messy bun, well, messily. Try to create a tight bun first before you loosen it so the knot has a good foundation for all the pulling you're about to do.

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