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How To Put On Eyeliner Without Tugging On Your Skin

Say no to the wrinkle-inducing way of applying eyeliner.
How To Put On Eyeliner Without Tugging On Your Skin Say no to the wrinkle-inducing way of applying eyeliner.

The fierce feline flick, the smoky eye, or even a simple lining of our waterline are all quite tricky to do. Not only are these easy to mess up—especially if you’re using the liquid variety where one small movement can cause panic and chaos—but these are also dreadfully hard to remove.

Don't you just hate having to redo everything with just one tiny mistake or accident?

Most of the time, we turn to holding a small part of our temples to the side—the skin on our brow bone up—for a smoother application on our lash line.


Or worse, pull our eye area outward to define the waterline.

Either way, the product and the stretching involved are major culprits for the wrinkles, fine lines, and crow’s feet that surround our peepers as we age. And while anti-aging products work well, you shouldn’t leave all the heavy lifting to it. Resorting to these magic potions should only be for early prevention purposes rather than as a remedy, remember that. Makeup pros know this so well that they have mastered the way to apply eyeliner, with one hand. 

But we don't all have makeup artists at our beck and call, and it's a totally different scenario when we're doing the lining ourselves. Ladies, a light pulling of the skin may seem harmless, but the area is also extremely sensitive meaning even the softest motion can cause unwanted lines. 


If you want to achieve a clean line, experts advise the use of a card or a spoon you can just trace as if you were five years old again. We don't rec0mmend the use of scotch tape because the act of removing it after also tugs the sensitive eye area, but another tip you can try is putting the mirror below your face so you are looking down as you apply the product. This way, you will see the line clearly from a lower angle, and since your eyes will be half closed, there will be no need for pulling. It will take a lot of practice, but yes ladies, it's really as simple as that. 

Master it and you won't have to worry about lines showing for at least another five to 10 years. 

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