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How to Properly Grow Out Your Brows, According to an Expert

Makeup artist Czari Domingo has tips on how to help your brows reach their full potential!
How to Properly Grow Out Your Brows, According to an Expert
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Makeup artist Czari Domingo has tips on how to help your brows reach their full potential!

Given the fluffy brow trend, you’ve likely daydreamed about an alternate universe in which your twelve-year-old self didn’t impulsively annihilate 60 percent of your brows, leaving you with bald spots and a years-old habit of over-plucking. Well, it’s time to put that behind you.

Now that you’re at home due to the enhanced community quarantine, it might just be the time to let your brows breathe and do their thing! Don’t stress over people seeing the unkemptness—your colleagues on Google Meet won’t notice that your fuzzies aren’t threaded to perfection. Now that the lockdown's been extended until April 30, you have even more time to distance yourself from your tweezer and give your brows that much-needed TLC.

Preview got in touch with Czari Domingo, a professional makeup artist and beauty vlogger currently serving as Benefit Philippines’ National Brow Artist. Here are some of her tips on healthily growing out your brows at home!


First off: Have an ideal brow in mind.

Aside from taking inspiration from the best brows in the business, Czari vouches for considering how your brows will look in relation to your whole face.

“I think it’s really important to at least have a little idea of your end goal for how you want your brows to look before you commit to growing them out. The reason you could be over-plucking is because you never had a set peg for them to begin with. You don’t have to wait for them to get to Cara Delevingne levels if you knew from the start that it wouldn’t suit your face. Growing your brows out doesn’t always mean you want your brows’ width to be dramatically different, it will really vary depending on your face. Sometimes you can grow them out to achieve a subtler result, like a lower arch, or maybe you just wanted your hairs to look denser. At the end of the day, this boils down to personal preference,” she said.

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Lock your tweezers in a trunk and bury the key!

If only brows grew out in a symmetrical, coordinated fashion. Sigh. In the beginning, the fuzz will be patchy and your hand will be twitching on its own in an effort to grab a tweezer. Czari says: don’t. “Based on my personal experience, I really recommend leaving them alone first. This is so that you’ll be able to see your brows’ full potential. If you’re plucking every other day, then you could be pulling out hairs that have the potential to make your brows look amazing in the long run.

“There are some parts of my brows that I never thought would grow the way they do now, which is why I’m really glad I waited. Waiting for them to grow also allows you to reassess how you want your brows to look once you’ve grown them out. Sometimes you could even go for a fuller brow than you anticipated, or you could even play around with different styles.


"If you’re not at the density and width you want your brow hairs to be yet, then resist the urge to touch them. Avoid your tweezers at all costs!”

Browcare should be a thing during your skincare routine.

Apart from your usual moisturizers and toners, a must-have in your skincare box is a clean spoolie, a brow conditioning primer, and maybe some castor oil. “A lot of people also don’t realize that it’s important to keep the follicles of your brow area clean and stimulated. Just like how we treat our scalp, we all make sure to keep it clean and free from too many oily products.

“If you apply the same logic to the hairs of your eyebrows, once you’ve applied all your skincare, it’s important to take a clean spoolie and brush your brow hairs back and forth. This will [prevent] the hair follicles from being clogged by all your moisturizers, serums, and oils that could slow down hair growth. Not only that, but the stimulation from the spoolie is like a scalp massage for your brows, encouraging them to keep producing thick and healthy hair.


"Even before I started working for Benefit, I swore by their Browvo Conditioning Primer. It has a lot of hair caring ingredients like soy and keratin proteins, and is ideally used before you apply brow products to get them to last longer. I opted to use it in the evening as a brow treatment, and what made me love this product so much was its applicator, which has little rubber bristles that massage my brows really nicely.

"I’ve also had a lot of friends who have had good experiences with inexpensive and readily available natural remedies like castor oil as well.”

A clear brow gel and concealer will be your best friends.

While your brows are undertaking a second puberty, keep a stick of high-coverage concealer handy, and use it to blur out any uneven patches. Yes, conceal: Don’t take out your tweezers just yet! Once you’ve started plucking away, the temptation to cut through them all will be too high. Just. Conceal. And depend heavily on a clear brow gel: “To keep [your brows] from looking unruly, clear brow gel is always the key in my opinion. Always keep them brushed in one direction, may it be brushed up or a bit more swept to the side. The denser your brows are, the stronger the hold of your brow gel needs to be.”


“At Benefit, we also do our signature Brow Mapping (I have a story highlight all about it on @benefitph’s IG), which gives you an idea of where they should begin, have an arch, and end for the best brows for your face. As a general rule, I just remove hairs that grow too far from those points. I also remove any hairs that are growing too low and start to get in the way of my eyeshadow.”

Lastly, be patient.

“Growing out your brows is all about patience. If there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s that your brows will definitely look really bad before they get better. But the results are always worth it! I’ve seen a lot of success stories from girls and boys who grew out their brows. Hopefully with some of the tips I’ve shared, you could get them to the way you want them. Again, just remember to be patient! And if all else fails, there’s always makeup, but that’s another story!"

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