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How To Make Your Hair Look Thicker

Here are a few style tips you can try to transform your hair from beat to sleek.
How To Make Your Hair Look Thicker Here are a few style tips you can try to transform your hair from beat to sleek.

Whether you’re born with naturally sparse strands, or all those hair coloring and blow drying caused your hair to go brittle, know that there are ways to give them life through styling. It helps to use anti-hairfall or any similar shampoo that strengthens your locks from root to tip, but today on #TipTuesday, we show you other ways to do it. With the right cut, color, and styling, get an all-new level of confidence by making your thin (or thinning) hair appear fuller than they really are. Scroll down for ways to solve your #thinhairproblems in a jiffy.

Create an illusion of thickness through highlights


Combining different tones on your silky hair will add a multidimensional effect. If you are going to try this, ask your stylist to use a maximum of three different shades for just the right amount of color play. Using more than just three will make people notice your thin roots more, especially when your real hair color starts showing.

Give ombre a shot

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For the more adventurous ladies, the ombre effect is not only exciting to try, it's also a great trick to create a cool visual effect. Start with a darker base that leads to a lighter tip and fool everyone into thinking it’s not just a thick-hair-mirage they’re seeing.

Layer all you want


The right cut is also crucial for thin-haired gals. Whether you want to stick to your long locks, or jump ship to the popular lob, lots of layering is important. Layering produces soft lifts that give your locks more body guaranteeing you a thicker looking crowning glory in just a few snips.

Find your style


Styling is also key, and we're not talking about your go-to ponytail or bun. You don’t have to be a professional to try new everyday looks, trust us. Hairstylist John Valle posted this photo of a texturized side braid amped up with red hairchalk using L'Oreal's Majirel and it's something you might want to try if you're gunning for something fun, edgy, and most of all, temporary. 

Photos from Instagram/johnvalle20 and laureenmuy

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