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How to Make Your Foundation Look Like Skin

With tips from makeup artists!
How to Make Your Foundation Look Like Skin
IMAGE Ralph Mendoza
With tips from makeup artists!

Wearing foundation can be tricky. Although it's supposed to perfect your skin, you also have to wear it in a way that no one can tell you’re wearing any! A lot can go wrong, and that's the reason why so much thought and effort goes into achieving that barely there makeup look.

How to make your foundation look like "real" skin

One of the questions we often ask is: How do you hide redness and acne scars without looking cake-y? Foundation is a tool to help the skin look better, but oftentimes, especially when you're not careful, things end up looking worse. But don’t give up just yet! We turned to makeup pros for a masterclass on the no-makeup makeup look. Read on for what they have to say below.

1. Prep your skin

“Cleanse, moisturize, and use a primer first so the foundation sits beautifully on your face. It’s even better if you exfoliate once in a while as well. Make sure that your moisturizer, primer, and foundation go perfectly well together. You don’t want a moisturizer that’s too slippery or a primer that’s too thick or drying. Lastly, always apply everything in thin layers.” - Pam Robes


2. Find the right tone

“It’s important to find the right foundation for your undertone. Wearing the wrong shade is a complete faux pas. Find the right foundation by choosing around three shades closest to your skin color and swatch each on your jawline. The one that appears invisible is your perfect match.” - Don de Jesus

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3. Apply foundation gradually

“Be sure to have some restraint when you layer on foundation. The less foundation you use, the better. Also, try to find foundation with sheer to medium coverage for a very natural finish.” - Don de Jesus


4. Use a tiny amount of foundation

“Spread the foundation thinly on a palette or onto the back of your hand before dipping the brush. This controls the amount of product you put on your face as opposed to applying it directly on your skin. I use a small stippling brush to make sure I’m using the tiniest amount possible.” - Pam Robes


5. Dilute your foundation

“You can always water down your full-coverage foundation with moisturizer for everyday, sheer coverage. If you need more coverage on some parts, just spot conceal.” - Zid Floro

6. Only apply where it’s needed

“Women tend to think they need foundation everywhere, but they usually need around 10-20% of coverage. Oftentimes, 70-80% of their face is already good to go without much makeup. Too much makeup will only highlight what you’re trying to hide.” -Zid Floro 


7. Use a good highlighter

“The hint of sheen makes a whole lot of difference when I do 'skin' makeup. Some highlighters, like powder ones, are too glittery and shiny that it’s so obvious it’s makeup. Try a liquid highlighter that is light-reflective and something that matches your skin tone (avoid anything too gold or too pink).” -Pam Robes


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