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5 Effective Tricks for Making Your Winged Eyeliner Look Even

Get it right every time!
5 Effective Tricks for Making Your Winged Eyeliner Look Even
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Get it right every time!

You know how they say you eyebrows are sisters and not twins? Well, the same thing is not as easy to believe with eyeliner. Most of us have this (totally understandable) inclination to make sure our cat eyes look as similar to each other as possible, which is not exactly the easiest thing to achieve. Don't abandon all hope yet though, because a few adjustments in your technique might help. Here are a few tried-and-tested tricks to try so your winged liner looks even every single time:

1. Start with the wings.

The typical liner process goes like this: You line your upper lashline first, and then you draw an upward flick at each corner of your eye. It's simple, but while it works for some people, doing it the other way around will make evening out your wings easier.

Start by drawing an outline of your wing on your outer corners, following the angle of your lower lashline as a guide, and then face your mirror and check the angles. Once you're happy with how even they look, you can go ahead and fill the rest of your cat eye in!





2. Draw your lines with your eyes open.

When lining your eyes, it's best to look straight ahead into a mirror (never down) with your eyes open so you can watch your every stroke. This method shows you how the eyeliner actually looks when you wear it and you're less likely to miscalculate your angles!

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3. Create an outline.

For better precision, you could approach eyeliner the same way that most artists do their paintings—they start with a pencil sketch, which tells them where they should paint over later. In this case, you can begin by mapping out the shape that you want, wing included. For your outline, you can either use a pencil eyeliner, a sheer eyebrow pen, or an eyeshadow with an eyeliner brush, and once you're satisfied, go ahead and fill in all the gaps. Here's a quick demo from Liz Uy, who gets her flick perfect every time using this technique:


4. Polish your lines after.

Everyone knows that it only takes one wrong stroke to ruin a some perfectly-symmetrical wings. Luckily, it's rarely ever too late to correct your mistakes. The easiest way to clean up is with a pointed cotton bud soaked in makeup remover or a makeup remover pen, which can easily erase any unevenness in one swipe. You can do the same thing with your lipstick, too!


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5. Use a pencil or eyeshadow insead.

You don't always have to use a liquid or gel to create the perfect cat eye. You can replicate the look with softer formulas like eyeliner pencils or dark-colored eyeshadows as well, and these automatically take half of the pressure out of creating the perfect line. With pencils, for example, you have the option to draw your lines slower and smudge the flicks with a brush or even a nail—if you make a mistake, it'll be no biggie. The same goes for eyeshadow—just slowly run the pigment onto your lashline with either an angled brush or a flat smudger brush and extend outwards. Not only will these products boost chances of a more even final product, it'll give you a softer look as well.

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