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How to Maintain Good Posture

Stand tall like the kween you are.
How to Maintain Good Posture Stand tall like the kween you are.

Over the years, doctors have seen a rapid decline in the number of people with an upright stance. We can even say that slouching is as natural as blinking or sneezing. Though we all have an idea of the importance of good posture, most of us choose to let it slide. The fact is, when you’ve been so accustomed to the way you sit and stand, doing it the right way takes a little getting used to.

Old habits die hard, but this one’s worth killing. Read below to find out how you can maintain an upright position with little effort.

1. Get on the road to fitness.

Another reason to keep that membership! Yoga, pilates, and meditation exercises are always keen on building a strong core and getting your posture right. You can also try exercises that strengthen both your back and core (like sit-ups and crunches). 

2. Book a rejuvenation session.


Who would’ve thought your RNR sesh was also your key to good posture? While getting a massage is also beneficial to loosen your joints and relax your muscles, we suggest going to Karada. This Japanese chiro-clinic/massage parlor uses a special therapy that realigns your joints and prevents recurring body pain.

KARADA! is open daily from 10 AM to 9 PM at Serendra, Greenbelt 1, Glorietta, Greenhills, Alabang, Eight Forbes Town and Mall of Asia.

3. Buy better pillows.

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While we all love the feeling of jumping into a plush bed of soft pillows, it does little good for your posture. Try out specialty pillows like an orthopedic pillow, neck pillow, back cushion, or one with memory foam. For even faster results, try sleeping on your side to support your neck and put a pillow in between your legs.

4. Ditch the heels.

We all know how much this hurts. But trust us, your health is a bigger investment than your stilettos. Wearing high heels (about 4 inches or more) causes you to lean forward and the body reacts by decreasing the forward curve of your lower back, resulting in posterior displacement.  If you’re not completely ready to let go, opt for heels with leather soles to prevent slipping.

5. …and while you’re at it, ditch the bag, too!


Too many things, and too little support. While we don’t encourage you to get rid of your bags, we do warn you that carrying heavy items is extremely bad for your shoulders, especially when the weight isn’t distributed evenly.

6. Watch your back

Literally. If you find it difficult to constantly check your posture, then don’t worry because this app has got your back. Lumo Back uses a posture and movement feedback system that knows when you slouch and sit up straight. It recommends a neutral position when you’ve been stagnant for long periods, and the best part is that it’s free!

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