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How To Look Good Even Without Mascara

Yes, it’s possible!
How To Look Good Even Without Mascara Yes, it’s possible!

Browse through the backstage photos of the Spring 2016 shows of Michael Kors, Stella McCartney, and Prada and you’ll notice something missing—coated lashes, an odd turn since Fall was pretty much all about the comeback of spider lashes and graphic twiggy fringes. But given that most of us can’t seem to leave home without applying a generous coat of our lengthening, waterproof formula of choice, how exactly does one look fab sans mascara?

You see, backstage makeup artists ditch the tube all the time because it takes a while to apply mascara on each model. And truth be told, women who are naturally gifted with long and thick fringes really have no need for it. But for those of you who aren’t endowed with lush lashes, there are a few other tricks in faking Betty Boop eyes.

TIP #1: Use petroleum jelly.

Using the tip of your index finger, dab a thin coat of petroleum jelly just on the tip of your lashes to give them a fuller look. It’s an easy, budget-friendly trick we personally love when we want to look au natural.


TIP #2: Always carry a curler.

Nothing opens up your eyes faster than curled lashes.

TIP #3: Tight-line your upper lash line.

Makeup artist Xeng Zulueta is a big fan of this beauty trick, which gives the illusion of a fuller set of lashes instantly. The trick is to drawing a line as close to the inner lash line as possible using a dark pencil liner.

TIP #4: Subtly apply beige shadow around your eye.

This trick is perfect for when your eyes are bloodshot after an all-nigher. It makes them peepers look less tired and much more natural compared to using frosted makeup on the inner lash line.

TIP #5: Apply shadow closer to the lash line.

Fill up the gaps in between your lashes by applying dark shadow as close to the lash line as possible. It’s the same effect you get from using eyeliner but instead of having a defined and solid line drawn on, you end up with a softer, lived-in look.

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