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How To Look Good In The Gym

Relax, we're not talking about makeup.
How To Look Good In The Gym Relax, we're not talking about makeup.

You’ll never know who you’ll bump into at the gym. It could be your ex-bufra, his new girl, or even your future beau, for all you know. And while workout gear is easy to nail (we are obsessed with shopping for sports bras, Flyknits, and accessories), here are a few beauty essentials to pack so you look your best. Presenting, your gym kikay kit:


Start Style Finish Blow It Dry Brush, P599.75; Rake Comb, both from Goody

You need a good comb or brush (depending on the thickness of your hair) to keep your mane in order before and after a power hour at the gym. This wide toothed design is great for detangling.


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Slideproof Elastic, P429.75, Goody 

All that jumping, punching, moving, and stretching could cause regular hair ties to slide down and make you look completely messed. (And not in an #iwokeuplikethis kind of way.) Instead of annoyingly having to keep on fixing your ponytail, opt for an elastic with extra grip to keep your tresses spic-and-span throughout the entire sesh.


SlideProof Hold Jeanwire Barrette, P499.75, Goody

Barrettes are back on the runways, and we’re taking them to the boxing ring. Keep your bangs in place with these slide proof clips for grownups.

SlideProof Headwrap Thick, P 429.75, Goody

Baby hair has no place on your road to fitness. Safely tuck them in with a slideproof headband in a hue that can match your cute sports bra.


Nivea lip butter, P129

Unless you want to look like a washed up raccoon, we discourage the use of makeup when working out. Apart from sunblock (if your activity is outdoors), the only beauty product you should keep in your bag is a trusty lip balm. The natural after-workout flush can’t be cheated - and trust us, it's fabulous with glistening lips. Achieve it with a swipe of balm (this one is extra calming) so your puckers don’t dry up after a 20-minute run.


Nivea Pure Effect 3-in1 daily deep cleansing exfoliating wipes, P140, all leading drug and department stores

For short breaks or in between classes, a quick way to wipe out all the dirt and sweat is by using deep cleansing wipes. They’re also quite refreshing, if we may add.  


Made by David Organics Orange and Vanilla Dry Shampoo, P249, 

Finally, dry shampoo—the powder variant. Now before you react—some girls wake up at 5am and proceed to the gym preferring not to wet their hair. If you are one of those who'd rather shower after all the gruesome sweating is done, then you’d need an oil-controlling dry shampoo. It also wouldn’t hurt to pick one with a zesty scent to make you look and feel fresh. So throw 'em punches and land them with finesse and style.

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