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How to Know If Your Makeup Passes the Selfie Test

Because your FOTD might just not look as good in your snaps.
How to Know If Your Makeup Passes the Selfie Test

Not every selfie is created the same. Sometimes, what looks good in the mirror doesn't register well in photos. It can be a matter of the lighting used, other times it has something to do with your makeup. So how do you know if your makeup passes the selfie test? Read the checklist below and watch the video to get an idea on how to nail the best #FOTD for your feed.

 1. Is there unwanted shine? 

Know the difference between 'shine' and 'glow'. Oily areas like the t-zone are accentuated in photos—especially if you're using flash—so make sure to use a good makeup base for a flawless finish. Go for a lightweight mattifying foundation that will help you stay matte and oil-free without looking flat.

2. Are your blemishes visible? 

Photos can amplify the appearance of blemishes and imperfections so grab your favorite concealer to cover them up. Remember to use a concealer that perfectly matches your skin tone & undertone for a flawless natural look. Don’t forget to blend, blend, blend!

3. Do you look washed out?

Selfies tend to wash out and flatten facial features. Define and add more dimension to your look by applying some contour & highlight on your nose, jawline, and cheekbones.

4. How are your brows? 

Photos can also make your brows look washed out, especially if you have thin ones. Grab a good brow product and start defining your arches to frame your face better. Tip: Natural-looking brows are better than overly drawn ones which can make you look angular and sharp so make sure to go easy when applying.

5. Are your lips selfie-ready?

Always wanted to achieve that full matte lips of some of your favorite Instagram stars? Here’s the secret: lip liner & matte lipstick. Trace lips first with a lip liner with short light-handed strokes. Then fill-in the rest of the lips by swiping on an intense matte lipstick for a well-defined pout. 

Watch Gabs Gibbs take the selfie test by watching the video below. 



 Products used in the video: 

- Infallible Pro-Matte 24H Foundation

- True Match Liquid Concealer

- Infallible Pro-Contour Palette

Brow Artist Designer Pro

Infallible Lip Liner in Nude

Color Riche Rouge Magique in Cashmere Delicat

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